Pat Robertson: Buddha is a Demonic False Idol
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Pat Robertson at his bust-a-gut best giving unorthodox decorating advice on CBN recently.

A reminder to younger DM readers that this old fool ran for President in the eighties—as a Republican, of course—and like a male version of batshit crazy Michele Bachmann was actually taken seriously by the media for half a minute…

Another winner from On Knees For Jesus

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The Supernatural Evil Spell of Homosexuality

Christian talkshow It’s Supernatural! welcomes guest, Michael Brown, author of A Queer Thing Happened to America.

“No major publisher, secular or EVEN CHRISTIAN, was willing to publish it!”

Few watching this will wonder why!

“Is this the course that nations take just before their final destruction?” asks Sid Roth, the host of this idiotic pukefest.

Good question, Sidney! The answer is YES, but not for the reasons you think it is, pal…

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‘Happiness Is a Warm Gun’: Early-90s VHS montage of films with guns

In 1993, Edgar Wright made this video montage of guns in movies and used The Beatles’ “Happiness is a Warm Gun” as the soundtrack. He recently wrote on his website, “The following clip I edited together while at Bournemouth Art College. Way before I’d ever seen an Avid suite, this was done over some long weekends locked in a VHS tape to tape editing suite. Yes, VHS!”

(via HYST)

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Cheeto Jesus or Cheesus, if you will

I’d be hard pressed to arrive at a more apt or truly American form for the good lord to take.

Thanks Jimi Hey !

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Emil Seidel: Milwaukee’s first Socialist mayor elected 101 years ago today
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Emil Seidel

Vice Presidential candidate Emil Seidel ran with the great Eugene Debs on the Socialist Party ticket in 1912.
On a day when the eyes of the country are on what would otherwise have been an obscure election in Wisconsin, if not for the heavy-handed overreach of state Republicans, it’s worth pointing out that today marks the 101st anniversary of the election of the first Socialist mayor of Milwaukee (he was the first of three), Emil Seidel.

Milwaukee has a long, proud history of pro labor, progressive and Socialist politics. The first openly Socialist member of Congress, Victor Berger was elected from the state in 1910. It was Berger who proposed the first bill to care for the elderly in US Congressional history.

Compare and contrast what you read below, with what’s going on in Milwaukee today, you’ll learn something!

Nate Pederson wrote the following for The Progressive Populist with the title “When Socialists Cleaned Up Milwaukee”:

On a balmy night in April of 1910, Emil Seidel, a quiet, unassuming woodcarver received word that he had been elected mayor of Milwaukee with a plurality of 7,000 votes. History was made that night, for Seidel was a Socialist, and the first of his party to be elected mayor of a major American city. Seidel, at home with his wife and daughter, had spent the day working in his pattern-making shop and accepted the news with his usual modest grace. He declined to offer a speech initially, instead opting for early bed, but when he assumed the platform the following morning he gave a speech indicative of his character:

“We intend to do all our limited means permit to make Milwaukee a better place for every citizen … We are today only accumulating material for a larger and more beautiful structure of life that we have ever had. Not all of our work will be successful. But much of it will be. We shall learn, and, continuing to learn, we shall make good. We are today beginning a new civilization.”

And for two years Seidel did just that. Milwaukee had long suffered under corrupt municipal rule and Seidel’s election swept the slate clean. Along with the mayorship, the Socialists took the majority in the City Council and thus were able to quickly enact a number of progressive reforms. Indeed, the reforms enacted by the Socialists in two short years reads like a laundry list of good municipal government: the first public works department was established, the first fire and police commission was organized, the city park system was created, the city’s bars came under regulation, its brothels and illegal casinos closed down. All this from a party usually associated with radical thought and revolutionary activity.

The well-known secret, however, was that the Milwaukee Socialists were of a different order than the Socialist agitators sweeping the rest of the country. The Milwaukee Socialists were moderates, even conservatives, by the principles of their party, seeking to enact fair government at benefit to the most people through prudence and moderation. They stressed the need for basic services — so much so, in fact, they were stuck with the label “Sewer Socialists” for their preoccupation with the cleanliness of Milwaukee’s sewer system.

Furthermore, the Milwaukee Socialists were not partisans. One of their slogans on winning the election was “Get Experts!” Thus, Seidel sought out the best and the brightest to help run the municipal government, regardless of party affiliation. He declared, “I believe the city’s affairs should be administered without party lines,” and quickly followed through by hiring a committee of businessmen from the Democratic and Republican parties to advise him on financial affairs. Other municipal positions were filled with the most qualified candidate, irrespective of party. Thereby Seidel built an effective coalition of capable government officials who were able to enact meaningful reform.

It’s a telling fact that for the first few weeks after the Socialists took control of Milwaukee, not a single Socialist approached the new administration for a job. The Socialists were by and large honest, hardworking laborers, raised with practical German values of self-sufficiency. They were not interested in hand-outs.

Seidel refused to accept any profits from his own pattern-making firm while he was serving as the mayor of Milwaukee. Instead, he insisted that the profits be divided amongst his eleven employees. Such displays of integrity inspired trust and confidence in the Socialists by the larger populace. This in turn provided Seidel with the political capital necessary to enact his agenda.

By 1912, Seidel and the Socialists had cleaned house, sweeping out corruption and pushing through necessary and progressive reforms. The Democrats and Republicans, however, banded together for the 1912 election, nominating Dr. Gerhard A. Bading for the mayorship, who officially ran as a “nonpartisan” candidate. With the backing of the two major parties, and a heavy dose of pro-American, anti-Socialist proselytizing, Bading handily defeated Seidel in his re-election bid.

Seidel only served one term as mayor and his star is largely outshone by the other two later Socialist mayors of Milwaukee who served for much longer periods: Daniel Hoan and Frank Zeidler. His legacy, however, was pronounced considering the brevity of his term. Seidel pushed through a number of reforms still benefiting Milwaukeeans today, such as the expansion of city parks. He also restored a sorely needed respectability to the mayor’s office, raising expectations for Milwaukee’s municipal government and sweeping out the open corruption of his predecessors.

Seidel and his comrades proved the Socialists could be entrusted with the practical management of city government. As such, Seidel deserves a prominent place on the shelf of both Milwaukee’s history and the history of our nation as a whole. In a country founded on the premise of political experimentation, Milwaukeeans deserve special credit for their willingness to look beyond easy labels and pass judgment based on merit.

In return they received clean government, clean parks, and clean sewers. Not a bad trade, really.

Nate Pedersen is a Minnesota native, Wisconsin-educated librarian now living in Scotland.

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Herencia Diabolic: Deeply disturbing Mexican midget clown horror

Behold the mayhem that is the Mexican killer midget/clown epic Herencia Diabolica. Little “Payasito” gives even the psychotic devil doll that ravaged Karen Black in Trilogy of Terror competition in the creepy department. Seriously demented.

Described succinctly at Raculfright_13’s Blogo Trasho:

Herencia Diabolica is about a killer clown doll scaring the crap out of people and killing them, the movie starts with an old woman dying and holding the clown doll in her arms, it turns out the doll was her best friend and was very close to it. A family member of hers inherits the mansion she lived in and decides to live there with his wife, his wife finds the clown doll named “Payasito” (Spanish word for Little Clown) and decides to keep it for the upcoming baby. Things get weird when the woman finds the doll in the kitchen instead of the nursery, she decides to lock it in a closet so it won’t get out, then later in the night the doll tries to get out and the woman goes downstairs to see what is going on. The woman opens the closet and the little motherfucker gets out and starts chasing her, she runs back to her room but she falls down hard because Payasito was standing on the top of the stairs and made a funny but creepy look at her. She dies at the hospital but the baby survives and the man is now raising his son alone, he’s depressed but he decides to date his ultra sexy secretary (played by Lorena Herrera) to move on. So now he’s married to his secretary and his son is now 6 years old (I think) and he’s super attached to the ugly clown doll, his new mom doesn’t like that he’s very close to the doll and she’s also afraid of it because of a strange erotic nightmare she had involving Payasito and her large (possibly fake) breasts, she tries to get rid of it but the doll comes back no matter what. Payasito gets tired of being thrown away and decides to kill her with a huge knife, she tries to run away but the little motherfucker catches up and kills her.

Watch these clips at your own peril. Should you find yourself afterwards unable to sleep without “Payasito” visiting you in your worst nightmares, just remember: You didn’t have to hit play!

Even filming a scene like this could ruin you for life. Here “Payasito” fondles the stepmother’s fake tits in a decidedly non-erotic sex dream sequence…

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A double pleasure is waiting for you: Amusing Eric Clapton and Dick Sims photograph
03:30 pm


Eric Clapton
Dick Simms

Oh dear, who’s going to want to eat those grapes now?

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Jumping for the King: Preacher to jump over nine buses, wall of fire
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Evel Knevel
Jumping for the King

Aaron Ramsey has an unusual hobby. The Augusta, GA-based preacher combines his love of the lord with Evel Knievel-type motorcycle stunts. This weekend, outside of Calvary Baptist church in Middleburg, FL, Ramsey intends to jump his motorcycle over nine buses and power through a wall of fire. From

“Once we become a servant of Jesus, we are obligated to use the talents that we have to share the gospel for Christ,” said Ramsey, 49.

Motorcycle stunts aren’t usually part of preaching the word, admits Calvary’s associate pastor, Tim Pledger. But as when Jesus used a story to explain a greater spiritual truth, Pledger invited Ramsey to give his flock entertainment and a message.

“We use these different earthly secular things to be able to teach greater truth,” Pledger said. “No matter who you are or what your background is, there is a God who loves us. This will relate to people on their level and help them be more willing to accept the Gospel.”

Ramsey is a construction instructor at the Aiken County Career and Technology Center in Warrenville, S.C., not far from Augusta. The motorcycle bug bit in 1974, and he successfully jumped over 16 Pontiacs, “only 120 feet,” he admits.

His life then spiraled into drugs and alcohol, until a turning point came in 1999 when he saw Robbie Knievel, son of Evel, speak after he jumped 30 limousines.

“I can almost quote him, ‘I always like to tell people the devil ain’t done a damn thing for me. Keep believing in Jesus Christ, Las Vegas,’” Ramsey remembered.

Okay, sure… I never really thought of Robbie Knievel as much of a spiritual leader, but hey, whatever works for ya…

Ramsey turns 50 the day after Sunday’s jump. He said he always talks with people after each event, even before being taken away in an ambulance five years ago when he broke his pelvis and ribs.

That’s the (holy) spirit!

Via Christian Nightmares

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Kim Gottlieb-Walker’s iconic photographs of Bob Marley and the golden age of Reggae

This month, the Proud Gallery in Camden, London, presents Bob Marley and The Golden Age of Reggae, an exhibition of Kim Gottlieb-Walker’s brilliant and evocative photographs of Jamaican artists Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, Burning Spear and Lee “Scratch” Perry.

During 1975 and 1976, renowned photo-journalist Kim Gottlieb-Walker and her husband, Head of Publicity at Island Records Jeff Walker, documented what is now widely recognised as the golden age of reggae. Kim took iconic photographs of the artists and producers who would go on to define an era and captivate a generation.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Bob Marley’s death this May, Proud Galleries has worked with Kim Gottlieb-Walker to create an exhibition of candid and intimate portraits, including never before seen shots, of one of the most exciting moments in recent musical history with a warmth and intimacy born out of the respect between artist and photographer.

During her long career, Kim Gottllieb-Walker’s has documented many of the best known and important cultural figures of the past 5 decades, from Jimi Hendrix through Bob Marley to Clint Eastwood, Woody Allen and John Carpenter. Kim sees herself as “the opposite of a paparazzi”:

“Rather than ‘take’ photos, the process is one of giving. The subject entrusts themselves to me and in return, I respect their privacy and their sensibilities and do my best to capture them at their most beautiful and expressive—a mutual act of giving. On the set, I see myself as a ‘recording angel’ who’s there to document what happens for posterity—a historian more than an artist—capturing the moments worth preserving.”

Bob Marley and The Golden Age of Reggae runs from 7th April - 15th May at the Proud Gallery, London.

Kim Gottllieb-Walker’s photographic book Bob Marley and The Golden Age of Reggae is available from Titan Books here.
Previously on DM

‘Stir It Up’: Video of Bob Marley and The Wailers rehearsal session

More superb photos after the jump….

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Video: Supervising Women Workers (1944)
12:43 pm


Supervising Women Workers

Factory foreman Joe doesn’t know how to handle his problematic female co-workers on the job and admits to his boss, Mr. Brooks, that “women scare me.”  Mr. Brooks offers up straight and reasonable advice to Joe about “breakin’ in those girls” such as “They’re not naturally familiar with mechanical principles nor machines,” “Women are awfully jealous with each other,” and “Don’t mix pleasure with business.”

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