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The Swan Lake of breakdancing
01:28 pm


Arthur Cadre

Arthur Cadre’s performance to the song “Sail” by Awolnation is like the Swan Lake of breakdancing. It needs to be seen to be believed.

(via Poor Mojo)

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Deep End: Darren Aronofsky’s HARDCORE anti-meth PSAs
01:23 pm


Darren Aronofsky
The Meth Project

Darren Aronofsky, the director of The Black Swan and Requiem for a Dream (and fellow Paul Laffoley collector!) made these three amazing spots for The Meth Project.

Normally when I see PSAs against drugs, it makes me feel like taking some. Not this time!

For fuck’s sake are these grim. Brilliant choice of a director here. All involved deserve kudos.

More loveliness after the jump…

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Cosmic Clock: The passing of time visualized

In this clip from the “Earth is Change” episode of the great PBS kids science series, 3-2-1 Contact, at just before the five minute mark, you can see Al Jarnow’s profound—and somewhat haunting—“Cosmic Clock” animation.

Jarnow also did animations for Sesame Street and The Electric Company. A DVD of Jarnow’s complete short films made for PBS and The Children’s Television Workshop, as well as his experimental animation work, is available through the Numero Group.

(via Kottke)

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David Bowie: ‘Heroes’ photo session outtakes
12:13 pm


David Bowie
Masayoshi Sukita

How to be a Retronaut has done it again by posting these outtakes from the photo session that yielded the Heroes cover. Shot by Japanese photographer and designer Masayoshi Sukita in 1977. 

More Heroes outtakes by Sukita after the jump…

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Ohio Gov John Kasich is an idiot


After seeing over two million voters deliver a whopping 61% to 39% rejection of his party’s strong-arm tactics to strip collective bargaining rights from public employees, Ohio Republican Governor John Kasich did one of those “open mouth and remove all doubt” things they tell fools not to do:

At a news conference Tuesday night, Mr. Kasich congratulated the winners and said he would assess the situation before proposing any new legislation. “It’s time to pause,” he said. “The people have spoken clearly.”

When asked about the people’s message, Mr. Kasich said, “They might have said it was too much too soon.”

“They might have said”? Might? Might nothing asshole, it was a 61% to 39% vote! Even reliably Republican counties voted against harming their friends and neighbors. No one except stupid people in the state ever believed GOP union-busting had anything to do with creating jobs. And to demonize teachers, fire fighters and police officers as lazy, coddled bums? I mean the whole thing was just so… predictable.

“Too much, too soon”? Jon Stewart, here comes an easy work day, courtesy of one of the most tone-deaf politicians in America.. More people turned up to vote against SB-5 than voted for Kasish himself in the last election, even. This man is a fucking plank.

Attention Republicans! Let me spell it out for you:

The majority of the general public—the ones who aren’t braying asses, at least—does not want to cut government programs for people like themselves.

The American people are starting to wise up in an unprecedented manner to the bleak future our corporate overlords and their craven vassals like Kasish have planned for us. And so the Reichwing is starting to get a better sense of how deep the backlash is. This is why the GOP is stepping up their efforts to discourage voter registration among younger, older and poorer voters who tend to vote for Democrats. If you can’t beat ‘em… uh… try to change the rules mid-game, I suppose?

There’s a big problem in their math, though, and it’s a fatal error indeed: There are more of us than there are of them…

99 to one? I’ll take those odds!

As I am fond of reminding myself, demographics are a bitch for the Republican party... Even with the 1%‘s special interest money behind them, they’re still gonna lose and keeping losing until they’re just a minority party of cranky racist stingy “olds.” That’s pretty much what they are now, but when the Baby Boomers start dying off en masse (and it won’t be long before that happens) the Republican Party is toast.

Think of Republicans as newspaper subscribers. That’s how I think of them. Comforting thought isn’t it?

Meanwhile over in Wisconsin, Scott Walker must be absolutely pissing himself as he contemplates how brief his tenure in the governor’s office will have been and what his next career move will be since elected politics will probably not be much of an option for him moving forward…

The Walker recall efforts in WI got a big shot in the arm from labor’s HUGE win in Ohio. If you’d like to contribute to boot that Koch whore from office, you can donate at ActBlue.

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NYC subway skating
09:40 am


New York City

Great skating, wonderful video. Enjoy!

Previously on Dangerous Minds:
Skating in Christchurch, New Zealand after 2011 earthquake

(via Nerdcore)

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Moustair: Where men meets moustaches meets hair meets moustaches meets hair
09:12 am



The Moustair website where “men meets moustaches meets hair meets moustaches meets hair” has just made my morning oh so special.


More Moustair after the jump…

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Tom Waits resurrects Captain Beefheart with the help of Keith Richards

Keith Richards and Marc Ribot provide suitably down and dirty guitar riffs for this tune by Tom Waits that sounds eerily like Captain Beefheart. It’s been obvious from the get-go that Waits owes a big debt to Beefheart but this enters the realm of mystical channeling. And I like it.

Here’s Waits writing about Trout Mask Replica:

The roughest diamond in the mine, his musical inventions are made of bone and mud. Enter the strange matrix of his mind and lose yours. This is indispensable for the serious listener. An expedition into the centre of the earth, this is the high jump record that’ll never be beat, it’s a merlot reduction sauce. He takes da bait. Dante doing the buck and wing at a Skip James suku jump. Drink once and thirst no more.

“Satisfied” by Tom Waits from the new album Bad As Me Directed by Jesse Dylan.

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R.I.P. Heavy D
11:56 pm


Heavy D

Sad to report that Jamaican-born and New York-raised Heavy D, Dwignt Errington Meyers, died yesterday in Los Angeles at the age of 44.

In 1991, Now That We Found Love by Heavy D and the Boyz killed on the dance floors of what was left of Manhattan’s club scene. I remember spinning the Teddy Riley produced dance mix of NTWFL in a nightspot I managed on Lower Broadway, where I also served as house deejay, and Heavy D’s take on the Ojays via Third World could elevate the crowd to higher dimensions.

Heavy D brought a smooth groove, melody and good vibe to rap, expanding its popularity and accessibility without diluting its urban energy and street smart style. By dropping some sexual healing into the mix and a whole lot of r&b, Heavy D provided the connective tissue between the old school soul of Sam Cooke and Marvin Gaye, New Jack Swing, House and dancehall reggae. Walls were tumbling down and the various strains of contemporary black music were converging while parochial attitudes about what is hip were dissolving in the heat of the beat.

This was just one of Heavy D’s hits, but it was the one that brings back some immediate memories for me and the video looks like it was shot in my old Soho neighborhood.

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Lou Reed and Metallica mutilate ‘White Light/White Heat’ on British TV November 8

Lou Reed and Metallica in hit and run accident leave White Light/White Heat dead on the side of the highway - rock and roll road kill.

Everything about this is just plain wrong, from Metallica’s dunderhead playing to Reed’s total inability to find the pocket of the song…which is understandable because there is none. What is not understandable is why Reed continues to trash the Velvet Underground’s legacy. Can the surviving members of VU get a cease and desist order?

This is like watching a beloved friend racing toward the edge of a cliff in an out-of-control 1978 Ford Pinto - a sense of helpless dread overcomes you as you avert your eyes and pray for Divine intervention.

Just when you think it couldn’t get worse, Loutallica shows you just how bottomless the pit is. And that Lars fuck should have his hands bound with chicken wire and never allowed anywhere near a drum kit.

“If all this makes you feel sorry for him, then you can compliment yourself on being a real Lou Reed fan. Because that’s exactly what he wants.” Lester Bangs, 1973.

Later With Jools Holland, November 8, 2011.

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