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Michael Moore at Occupy Wall St: Anti-capitalist protests will spread to rest of USA

Michael Moore stopped by the Occupy Wall Street demo last night to show his support. If you’re wondering why everyone keeps repeating what he says, the protestors are not allowed by law to have any amplified sound. The “people’s mic” is how they get around it—and make a little legal noise—so that what the speakers are saying can be heard in the cheap seats…

From Moore’s interview with Piers Morgan on CNN last night:

[L]ook, we got rid of slavery in 1863 in this country. It wasn’t until the 1960s that you saw the large marches and the voting rights and the civil rights act being passed. Women couldn’t vote until 1920, and then you didn’t have the real women’s liberation movement until the ‘60s and ‘70s.

Things take time. This won’t take that long. This won’t take 100 years for people to respond because Wall Street has overplayed its hand. They have come down too hard on too many people, especially people in the middle class who used to believe in Wall Street.

Forty-six million people living in poverty right now in the United States. That’s an absolute crime, it’s immoral. And these guys are just posting the largest profits ever this year.

You’re right, where’s the rage? Where’s the uprising? It’s starting. It’s down right now on Wall Street. It starts with the young people. But this is going to grow because people watching this tonight, people are afraid that they’re going to be foreclosed on this year, don’t know if they’re going to be out of a job next year, can’t afford the medical bills for their kids. Fifty million people still without insurance. They’re sitting home right now going, god, I wish I could do something. What can I do? Somebody has got to start it somewhere. That’s what these kids have done down in Wall Street. It’s going to spread across the country. And believe you me, I won’t have—it won’t be because of anything I say or you say or this show or those kids down there, people already feel it. They’re sick and tired of it. And I think you’re going to see that happen more and more in this country.


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‘Cop Hard’: Berserk Web TV show
12:49 pm


Cop Hard

Cop Hard is an Australian-based Internet series that plays like an 1980s-style TV cop show under the influence of strong drugs. Think Hill Street Blues on strychnine-laced STP. 

A cop show that pulls no punches and cuts to the very heart of what it is to be good cop in a world of bad crime. Growing up on the mean streets of Brooklyn, acclaimed writer director Charles C. Custer peels away the veneer of lies and uncovers a true depiction of crime fighting never before seen. He invites us into a world that is both hard and cruel but has the decency to provide a true hero in the form of Detective Larry Hard, a symbol of hope in these dark times of democracy.

Five episodes of Cop Hard were screened at this year’s Fantastic Fest and I got hooked. So far, there are 15 episodes in all and they can be viewed at the Cop Hard website. It’s some diabolically goofy fun featuring fine acting, great production values and a shitload of dirty bits. Here’s a taste (NSFW):

More hardness after the jump…

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Marc Bolan on Belgium TV 1973
12:24 pm


Marc Bolan
T. Rex
Pop Shop

A short bit of documentary footage of T. Rex arriving in Brussels, some music, and a charmingly cocky Marc Bolan interviewed on Belgium’s Pop Shop TV program in 1973.

Thanks to Spike Priggen and the folks at Bedazzled.


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Hollywood’s germless kiss, 1937
12:16 pm


Look Magazine


I found the original August 3,1937 issue of Look Magazine on eBay at a “buy it now” for $30.00.

(via Nystagmus )

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BBC stock trader real sociopath, not fake one, say Yes Men

The Yes Men’s Andy Bichlbaum lays speculation to rest that Alessio Rastani was put up to his nihilistic remarks about the predation of Wall Street stock traders on BBC News on Monday by the Yes Men. In a statement made this morning on their Yes Lab website, Bichlbaum writes:

Rastani is not in Liberty Plaza

The Yes Men wish to commend Mr. “Alessio Rastani” for his masterful performance as “trader” on BBC World yesterday. Mr. Rastani’s real name is Granwyth Hulatberi; he once appeared on CNBC MarketWrap as a “representative” of the WTO. Well done, Granwyth! You’re getting better and better.

Just kidding. We’ve never heard of Rastani. Despite widespread speculation, he isn’t a Yes Man. He’s a real trader who is, for one reason or another, being more honest than usual. Who in big banking doesn’t bet against the interests of the poor and find themselves massively recompensed—if not by the market, then by humongous taxpayer bailouts? Rastani’s approach has been completely mainstream for several years now; we must thank him for putting a human face on it yesterday.

If you’d like to see the human face of the human perspective—the perspective of the 99% victimized by our demented and out-of-control financial system—come join the occupation of Wall Street. Michael Moore did so last night, and pointed out that in America, it’s just 400 people who own as much as most of the rest of us put together—and that when we decide we really want to change the rules of the game, those 400 people won’t be able to do squat about it.

So just as I thought, Rastani IS just a capitalist vulture feeding off the carrion that used to be the lives of the middle class!

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Very Bad Lip Reading: Rick Perry
10:01 am


Rick Perry
Lip Reading

Perry makes more sense here than he did in the last Republican debate…

(via The High Definite )

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Was ‘psychopath’ BBC stock trader a Yes Men prank?

Good lord, if this is true, it’s absolutely fucking hysterical, but I have my doubts: Reuters, CNBC, Forbes, the Washington Post and the Guardian have all reported inconclusive speculation in the last few hours that the “candid” (some might say “sociopath”) Wall Street trader, Alessio Rastani, who told BBC News:  “I dream of another recession,” might be member of the genius satirical activists, The Yes Men!

Rastani’s statement, “The governments don’t rule the world, Goldman Sachs rules the world,” has caused his shocking BBC News appearance to become a viral video sensation in the past 24 hours. An BBC internal investigation has concluded that Rastani is who he says he is, a real trader, but not everyone is buying it:

FORBES: Have you heard of the Yes Men?

AR: Heard of it before? Not quite sure why they’re calling me that. I have no idea where that came from.

FORBES: Because there’s a video of you posing as a Dow Chemical spokesman [She’s totally off-base here, obviously].

AR: What? A Dow Chemical spokesman? Have you seen this video? That can’t be right. I’ve never spoken to Dow Chemical before in my life. Maybe it’s a fake. Are you sure about this? Honestly, listen, I’ve no idea where that came from. That interview yesterday was one of the first ones I did live.

I don’t know why they think it’s a hoax. No, I am a trader absolutely. I have trader friends who could back that up. One of my mentors is a bestselling author and trader. Everyone knows me.

Here’s the problem: The speculation seems to be that Alessio Rastani is, in fact, the Yes Men’s Andy Bichlbaum. I know Andy personally—Disinformation published the Yes Men book—so unless Andy has had extensive plastic surgery or gotten into a time machine since I’ve last seen him, I can assure that he’s not Alessio Rastani. Rastani also has a blog, several YouTube videos about trading, he’s on Twitter and has been for two years, etc. IF this is a hoax, it’s either one concocted with a very, very long fuse, or else the Yes Men hired a real stock broker to say the same nihilistic, “fuck the little guy” things that brokers say amongst themselves all the time,

I’ll repeat that: I’m not saying that the Yes Men didn’t hire this guy to say what he said on BBC News—I have no knowledge of this—but the speculation that he’s Andy Bichlbaum is absolutely NOT true.

Still, the fact that this is being speculated about as a Yes Men media prank is simply delicious! I’m sure they’ll keep quiet about this as long as possible. Why not milk it, especially if it’s a freebie, you know? Not sure if I want it to be a hoax or not. Probably not, which means I’m rooting for Rastani to actually be the sociopathic stock broker he represented himself as on the BBC News channel…

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Dress made from yak nipples
08:57 am


Yak nipples
Rachel Freire

Yak nipple dress, anyone? I don’t even think Lady Gaga is daring enough to sport this dud. You’d really have to be a tit to wear this! From People UK:

A BRIT designer has been slammed as “sick” after her show at London Fashion Week included dresses made from yaks’ NIPPLES.

Models wearing Rachel Freire’s creations – fashioned from 3,000 nipples – paraded down the catwalk at Somerset House on Monday.

The 32-year-old designer – who has worked with stars such as Christina Aguilera and Courtney Love – said she was excited about the two dresses and bras made up from body parts given to her by a tannery.

The controversial show also included an elaborate bra made from protruding nipples.

Dress made from yak nipples that shocked London Fashion Week

(via Nerdcore )

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Best photo of David Bowie that you will ever see: First night in the USA, 1971
08:16 am


David Bowie

As readers of this blog most probably know by now, I’m a massive, massive Bowie head and have been for over 35 years. Although I tend to think I’ve seen and heard about 99.9% of everything relating to the man’s life and career, I’ve been finding that the .1% of the stuff I’ve never come across before is almost always pure gold and that there is also a seemingly bottomless pit of it. Maybe I should revise my total down to 95%? (Let’s hope the real number is actually closer to 50%).

Like I was saying, there is still a lot to discover, such as this, my new top favorite photograph ever taken of David Bowie. What’s more, he’s probably never seen it himself, either.

The photograph above was taken on the evening of Bowie’s first arrival in the United States. It’s on the Flickr account of Michael Olberman, a writer who covered pop music at the time. His brother happened to work for Bowie’s then record label, Mercury Records. This would have been in Jan-Feb of 1971, when Bowie was in America promoting The Man Who Sold the World (Apparently that’s a card or something that he’s holding and not a joint). Here’s the caption Michael wrote:

This was David Bowie’s first night (ever) in the United States. I am the one waving in the photo. David was great. He went to dinner with me, my brother and my parents. This photo was taken in my parent’s living room in Silver Spring, MD. Later that night he came to my house and spent the evening. Incredible memories for me. David, if you flickr—hello again!

Click here to see a larger version of the photo.

Below, Bowie sings “Space Oddity” in a German TV appearance from 1969 and wadda ya know, I’ve never seen this clip before either!

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X On the Jerry Lewis telethon in 1982
09:51 pm


Jerry Lewis
Blue Spark

Curator of all things weird and wonderful in the world of rock and roll, Mick Stadium, has done it again by unearthing this video of X performing “Blue Spark” on the Jerry Lewis telethon in 1982.

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