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Dangerous Finds: Jim Morrison’s X-rated ‘Peanuts’; Republicans for Bernie; ‘Sticky Fingers’ unzipped
01:41 pm

Current Events


Sticky Fingers: Unzipped: The 40-year-old mystery of ‘who’ is really gracing the famous Warhol-designed cover of the Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers LP is finally put to rest. (Radio Basecamp)

Jim Morrison’s X-rated ‘Peanuts’ cartoon for sale: “The first frame depicts Snoopy growling at Pigpen, who replies, “If you bite my balls, I’ll suck your cock.” The second frame shows Lucy pleading with Charlie Brown: “I’ll give you 15 [cents] if you’ll fuck me, Charlie Brown,” to which he replies: “Throw in your tricycle and it’s a deal, Baby.” In the third frame, Charlie Brown asks Linus, “What’s wrong kid?” to which Linus answers: “I think I got Syphilis from that whore down the street.” Snoopy gets the last word, er, sort of: “Arf, growl, ruff, bark,” to which Pigpen replies: “Cut that damn swearing out dog.” (Lelands Auction House)

Republicans for Bernie: Republicans for an avowed democratic socialist. How did that happen? (LA Progressive)

Before WIRED, there was Mondo 2000: The magazine fused counterculture and technology together into a surreal glossy magazine that first appeared on newsstands in 1989. A typical issue would cover everything from DIY micro-satellites to smart drugs to weird bands like The Residents. (WIRED)

Donald Trump: A farce to be reckoned with: The one thing Trump can accomplish is to bring the Republican campaign down to his level. A party that allows such a travesty deserves to lose. (Washington Post)

Obama badgers Scott Walker in Wisconsin: Obama employs some of the finest trolling tools imaginable. (Politico)

Julian Assange, WikiLeaks founder, denied asylum in France: Assange is living in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London to avoid extradition to Sweden. (CBC News)

Japan’s population decline the steepest on record: Japan’s population fell 271,058 in 2014, the biggest drop on record and the sixth straight year of decline, to 126.16 million, according to the internal affairs ministry. The ministry’s population census released July 1 also showed that 25.90 percent of the population were 65 years old or older. (The Asahi Shimbun)

Bacteria ‘Fight Club’ could help find new cures for disease: New antibiotics can’t come soon enough. (Popular Science)

Entire Tenn. county clerk’s office resigns over same-sex marriage licenses: There’s something totally Darwinian about the way this whole matter is shaking out, isn’t there? Okay, quit your job then, bigoted idiots. Cut that nose right off to spite your mean face. (WKRN-ABC News)

Bernie Sanders’ $15 million fundraising haul is a really big deal: Bernie Sanders now has hard numbers — in dollars and donors — to back up the idea that he can run a serious campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016. I’ve donated to him twice so far. If you believe in what he stands for, you should too. (Vox)

YouTube editing genius Vic Berger‘s “Chris Christie’s Presidential Announcement (short version)”

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Donald Trump: ‘F*ck your Hair,’ the beer
09:01 am

Current Events
Stupid or Evil?


Donald Trump’s anti-Mexican comments have made him few (no?) friends in America’s Hispanic community. In fact, I think it’s fair to say that other than a few Fox News-watching racist Republican trolls, his (unfounded) remarks seem low, vile and ridiculous to just about everyone. He’s a silly, grotesque man, full of himself and… he’s just a shithead. Fuck Donald Trump.

No… fuck his hair.

5 Rabbit Cerveceria is a Chicago-area microbrewery that had been supplying the signature beer for the ritzy Rebar in Chicago’s Trump Tower. The owners are Latino and have decided to sever ties with the loathsome billionaire. Now the Trump brew they had left over has been renamed “Chinga Tu Pelo”—which translates as “Fuck your hair”—in honor of the GOP Presidential and loudmouthed comb-over casualty.

5 Rabbit Cerveceria co-owner Andres Araya told WBEZ radio:

“We would be doing an injustice to the community we serve (and live in) by engaging in business with someone who does not accept our role in society and expresses a rhetoric of hate and ignorance towards us,” Araya wrote in a statement to WBEZ Monday.

“On a personal level, if I did, one of the things that scares me the most is sending the wrong message to my daughters. We are active members of this immigrant community and we need to stand up for ourselves, and more importantly, for those who do not have the voice or means to do so. The very foundation of the United States of America was built on acceptance and inclusion.  That is what drew us here, and that´s what why we feel so strongly about this.”

“As a company, an integral part of our vision reads that we are ‘not only based in, but also look to promote a strong and positive image of Latin America, its heritage and people.’

It would be hypocritical of us to sustain the relationship.”

Right on! Chinga that moron’s pelo!

The giant mattress company Serta yesterday announced that it too would be severing ties with the GOP’s lumbering, out of control Frankenstein monster. Recently NBC and Univision both dumped their ties with the toxic Trump brand.

This self-immolation—Trump’s moronic inferno—is spectacular to watch, but I DO hope the thick-fingered vulgarian makes it to the first Republican debate in August and beyond. Look at how much damage he’s done to himself in such a short time and just imagine what he can do for the GOP!


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Dangerous Finds: Obama is the new Reagan; Frozen flies having sex; Dutch city giving free money away
06:27 pm

Current Events


Barack Obama is the new Ronald Reagan: “President Obama in many ways has helped start the same kind of political revolution that Reagan did,” Obama’s former campaign manager Jim Messina said. The change, he argued, has been “driven by demographic changes and driven by President Obama” himself. (POLITICO)

A Dutch city is giving money away to test the “basic income” theory: Basic income is an unconditional and regular payment meant to provide enough money to cover a person’s basic living cost. (Quartz)

Frozen fruit fly sex is as freaky as it looks: But it could reveal more about how life is made. (Popular Science)

Rand Paul Met Privately With Far Right Racist Rancher Cliven Bundy for 45 Minutes: A chip off the old block. Talk about the dumbest dog whistle the guy could possibly blow! (Little Green Footballs)

Donald Trump has some enthusiastic new admirers: White supremacists: “The Donald” may have lost millions in high profile contracts after major television networks cut ties with him over racist remarks about Mexicans. But he gained some new fans: the Nazis and other racists. (The Raw Story)

Vatican hosts anti capitalism activist Naomi Klein:  Author said the Pope’s manifesto should inspire those who use the Bible to defend human domination of nature and deny climate change to change their ways. (AP)

Why I’m leaving London: My family is moving to Los Angeles in two weeks. Many Londoners understand intuitively why we’re going. (bOING bOING)

The only person who really loves Chris Christie ... is Chris Christie: The New Jersey governor has finally made it official that he’s running for the Republican nomination ... or at least for conservatives’ speaking fees. Does anyone care? (Guardian)

Hottest day in July in London history: That they know of. Certainly it’s the hottest since they started keeping records. Yikes! (Standard)

The GOP Base Loves Trump: It sees itself in his foreign policy belligerence, anti-elite agitation, and raw bigotry. (Slate)

Celebrate “Canada Day” with BJ Snowden’s mighty number, “In Canada.”

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‘God is dead’: Piss yourself funny ‘short versions’ of Republican Presidential announcements
10:59 am

Class War
Current Events


For the past few weeks I have been emailing friends links to YouTube editing genius Vic Berger’s “trash compactor” cuts of Republican Presidential campaign announcement speeches. I have laughed myself senseless at these things. They get funnier with repeated viewings. He really knows how to highlight the absurdity of these events (like the Jeb Bush one with the guy beating his “Jeb! sticks”—what would you call ‘em?—behind the candidate. I found this screamingly funny in a Tim & Eric kinda way).

Hard to say which is the best. They’re all different and each one is a gem. Stay with the Donald Trump clip, I thought it took a little longer to ramp up than the others did, but once it gets going, Berger takes it someplace you probably won’t expect.


More after the jump…

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Dangerous Finds: Journey drummer charged with rape; ‘Snowden’ trailer; Atheists remind us of death
05:22 pm

Current Events


Journey drummer Deen Castronovo ‘charged with rape’ after being arrested following altercation with wife: The musician has had more charges added after being arrested for a domestic violence-related incident earlier this month. (Mirror)

‘The poor, the young, the black and the stupid’: Inside Big Tobacco’s plans to kill a billion people. (Pando)

Trump near top of the Republican pack in Michigan: This is getting better and better by the day. (Public Policy Polling)

Atheists Remind People of Death: New research shows that atheists trigger death-related thoughts, which can cause some people to cling even more tightly to their religious values. (Smithsonian)

US military teams up with British company to create hoverbike technology: The US Department of Defense has joined forces with Britain’s Malloy Aeronautics to develop flying motorcycles as military reconnaissance vehicles. Flying motorcycles! (

9,500 expected at Wisconsin rally for Bernie Sanders: Sanders says he believes the progressive movement that existed for years in Wisconsin is now spreading throughout the country. (Fox News)

Who thought that an #AskBobby Jindal Twitter dialogue would be a good idea? “When you disband the Supreme Court for disagreeing with you, will the Koch brothers buy you another?” (Salon)

Phyllis Schlafly Proposes Congressional Resolution Affirming The Dignity Of Straight People: She has a proposal for Congress: Pass a resolution affirming the “dignity of opposite-sex married couples,” especially that of couples where “a provider-husband is the principal breadwinner and his wife is dedicated to the job of homemaker.” She’s 90 now. Bless. (Right Wing Watch)

Cop Resigns After Being Arrested on Battery Charges For Pepper-Spraying an Infant Girl: Charles Edelen pepper-sprayed the baby during a domestic dispute involving his estranged wife. (Alternet)

The Saddest Story You Will Ever Read About Keith Urban: If you enjoy people vastly overestimating the size of their own celebrity, you will enjoy it. (Defamer)

Curing the Redneck Mindset: When right-wing revolutionaries burn up churches—why aren’t we asking where are the fathers? (Alternet)

Buy a Bernie shirt. (Bernie 2016)

Our outrage over China’s Yulin dog meat festival exposes a disgusting hypocrisy: “What really matters is the ability to suffer and feel pain. In those respects, scientists agree, the animals we love and the animals we eat are all the same.” (New York Daily News)

The first trailer for Oliver Stone’s ‘Snowden’ biopic with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Out this Christmas:

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Hidden camera: Watch what children do when they find a ‘gun’ at the playground
11:22 am

Current Events


I’m on the fence with this one. Hollywood glorifies gun use so much, you can’t blame what the kids do when they find one (the gun is very realistic-looking prop, btw). The kids are just acting out what they see in movies and TV shows. You know, it’s what you’re supposed to do with a gun. But at the same time, it’s the parents responsibility to teach kids that if you find something like this perhaps the best thing to do is report it to an adult or an authority figure.

Only one child showed his mother the gun he found. Sadly, the first thing he asked her to do was “Pull it.”

I must admit I got a little queasy feeling with that one kid flashing the gun around in the air and trying to pull the trigger.

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Dangerous Finds: Conspiracy’s ‘velvet voice’; NASCAR bans Confederate flag; Tim Buckley remembered
02:31 pm

Current Events


The mysterious tragedy of Tim Buckley: Julian Cope on the folk-singer who died 40 years ago today on June 29, 1975 from an accidental heroin overdose. (On This Deity)

Government Study Casts Doubt on Legal Definitions of Stoned Driving: Simulator tests also confirm that marijuana impairs drivers less than alcohol. (Reason)

NBC to Donald Trump: You’re fired! Trump’s the “new” Confederate flag, ain’t he? I thought he’d take at least a little while longer to implode. Asshole. (New York Times)

Mom Pleads Guilty to Killing 2 Kids Found in Home Freezer: A Detroit woman pleaded guilty Monday to killing two of her children, telling a judge that she had no remorse for beating and suffocating the “demons.” (ABC News)

Ted Cruz insists “religious liberty” is different from bigotry — but refuses to say how:“Bigotry is wrong,” he said, before telling NBC he’d dismantle the Supreme Court over same-sex marriage decision. (Salon)

Why Bernie Sanders Will Become the Democratic Nominee and Defeat Any Republican in 2016: It’s not the first time in recent memory that a challenger to Hillary Clinton was once thought of as a long shot. (Huffington Post)

If you haven’t seen that video of the disgusting pulsating “Frankenstein meat” then here’s your chance: How vegetarian are you feeling after that clip, eh? (The Mirror)

Coheed And Cambria Sings Justice Scalia’s Dissenting Opinions Coheed and Cambria perform an original song with excerpts from Justice Scalia’s dissenting opinions on the Affordable Care Act and Same-Sex Marriage. (Funny or Die)

NASCAR bans Confederate flag: Might even confiscate them from fans Dale Earnhardt Jr. supports: ‘It’s offensive to an entire race.’ (USA Today)

What’s Killing the Babies of Vernal, Utah?: A fracking boomtown, a spike in stillborn deaths and a gusher of unanswered questions. Earthquakes. Dead babies. Lots of money. What do these three things have in common? (Rolling Stone)

Meet Jeff Rense—The Velvet Voice of Conspiracy Theory Radio: He’s the “velvet voice” playing in your head deep into the night. He’s never rude. He never interrupts. And he seldom voices even the slightest hint of skepticism with his often weird, sometimes creepy call-in guests. Though the show sounds strange and oddly comical, pandering and providing goods and services to an aging population of mostly white, postmillennial conspiracy cranks is one of the fastest-growing cottage industries in America. (Alternet)

Below, a nineteen-year-old Tim Buckley sings “Song to the Siren” on ‘The Monkees’ in 1968:

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Dangerous Finds: New Syd Barrett doc; Bernie: Tax the billionaires; Freeze your fat and poop it out
03:30 pm

Current Events


New Syd Barrett Documentary Scheduled for Summer Release: The film is called Have You Got It? — a title that hardcore Floyd fans will recognize as being inspired by the final song Barrett wrote for the band before leaving the lineup in the spring of 1968. (Ultimate Classic Rock)

You Can Freeze Your Fat and Poop It Out: Some doctors say that patients pass the fat out through urine, not turds, but nobody knows exactly. It’s a gross mystery. (Gizmodo)

Bernie Sanders closes on Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire Democrats poll: Vermont senator on 35%, behind former secretary of state on 43%. Clinton’s lead is slimmer than that held over Barack Obama in 2008 (The Guardian)

Donald Trump bump terrifies GOP: Insiders worry the mogul will damage the eventual nominee and hurt a party struggling to connect with women and minorities. Ya think? (Politico)

Winona Ryder to star in new Netflix paranormal TV show: Winona Ryder signed on as star of a forthcoming Netflix drama about the high weirdness, conspiracy theories, and paranormal reports around the Montauk Project, alleged US government experiments on Long Island involving time travel, psi-ops, and teleportation. (bOING bOING)

Sanders Proposes Tax on Billionaires to Reduce Wealth Inequality: Presidential campaigner introduced legislation to increase estate tax rates on the top three-tenths of one percent of Americans who inherit more than $3.5 million, while eliminating loopholes that have allowed the wealthiest Americans to avoid billions in taxes. Sanders said the legislation was needed to reduce the massive gap between the very rich and working class Americans. (Bernie Sanders)

Phil Austin, 74, Loopy Detective Nick Danger on Firesign Theatre, Dies: Read the New York Times obit for the brilliant humorist, actor, musician, writer… (NY Times)

$200 million went to House members who voted for fastrack on the TPP: John Boehner (R) got $5.3 million for his “yea” vote. Kevin McCarthy (R) received $2.4 million for his “yea” vote. Paul Ryan (R) received $2.4 million for a “yea” vote and came in at the third highest paid legislator. (Occupy)

How the Back to the Future Cast and Crew Knew Eric Stoltz Would Be Fired: As any true fan of the film knows, Michael J. Fox was not the first actor cast as Marty McFly. (Vulture)

Ikea’s Minimum Wage Hike Was So Successful, It’s Raising Wages Again: Under the system that the furniture maker uses, the starting wage for any given store in the U.S. reflects the cost of living in that particular area as determined by the MIT Living Wage Calculator, which takes into account the local cost of rent, food, transportation and the like. (Huffington Post)

Barack Obama is officially one of the most consequential presidents in American history: He’s also had a very good week. (Vox)

Jon Stewart shreds newly minted candidate Bobby Jindal: You may be in trouble “when you cannot carry a majority of your immediate family”: The 2016 GOP race is filling up faster than the toilets at Arby’s. (Salon)

London’s Tube will soon run all night, fixing a longstanding, ludicrous problem: Which is not to say that the night buses didn’t have their psychotic charms... (Quartz)

Olive and Mocha steal a car to go to the George Michael concert:

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Charleston, the Confederate flag, Amazon, Skrewdriver, The Dukes of Hazzard, and moving forward
05:06 am

Current Events


Pro-Confederate flag protester at a recent rally. Photo by Bickel.
As Dangerous Minds’ Senior Southern Affairs correspondent and a proud South Carolinian, I’d be remiss if I didn’t offer some commentary on the events that have transpired in my state since the tragic Emanuel A.M.E. Church shooting which took the lives of Cynthia Marie Graham Hurd, Susie Jackson, Ethel Lee Lance, Depayne Middleton-Doctor, Clementa C. Pinckney, Tywanza Sanders, Daniel Simmons, Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, and Myra Thompson.

This unfathomable event has shaken South Carolina to its core, but the fallout has been rather remarkable. A 21-year-old self-professed white supremacist brutally murdered nine innocent people in a church with the intention of starting—in his own words—a “race war.” The end result was far from what the young assassin intended. Black and white communities came together in mourning. A much-needed dialogue on racial relations came about, which had no choice but to FINALLY address the southern-fried elephant in the room: the continued flying of the Confederate battle flag on the South Carolina statehouse lawn.

The Confederate flag has been a bone of contention in South Carolina ever since it was put atop the statehouse flagpole in 1962 (as many believe, a reaction to and resistance of integration and the civil rights movement.) The debate over the flag has been ongoing with one side of professed “history buffs” declaring it part of their Southern heritage, and with another side of people who believe the flag is a symbol of white supremacy—a longing for sepia-toned antebellum days when blacks “knew their place” (as plantation slaves).

Undoubtedly for some, it does tie back to ancestors who lost their lives in a “state’s rights” battle against what they perceived to be an overreaching federal government, and for some others it simply represents collard greens and sweet tea, doing donuts in a mud-bog and the genteel Southern manner.

Still, there are many who recognize it as the flag of choice flown by the Ku Klux Klan and segregationists—a banner under which people of color have been systematically terrorized and lynched for decades. A reminder of a war fought for “state’s rights”—including the right to keep human beings as slaves.

The “stars and bars” has remained flying at the statehouse because the “it’s heritage, not hate” crowd have maintained a power dynamic in South Carolina politics, unwilling to concede that there are any racist connotations to the symbol and unwilling to accept that for a large segment of the the state’s population, that symbol makes them uncomfortable or downright fearful, because of an altogether different history and heritage (of hate).

Protester at a recent pro-Confederate flag event. Photo by Bickel.

Protesters at a recent pro-confederate flag event. Photo by Bickel.

Protester at a recent pro-Confederate flag event. Photo by Bickel.
The question has been asked for years,” If this flag isn’t racist, then why do racists LOVE this flag?” No one on the pro-flag side ever seems to have a great answer for that. A few years back I did a photo essay on a now-defunct landmark in Laurens, SC called “The Redneck Shop.”

The Redneck Shop. Laurens, SC. Photo by Bickel.
The Redneck Shop was run by John Howard, a Grand Dragon in the South Carolina KKK, and served as headquarters for the Aryan Nations World Congress, as well as campaign headquarters for John Bowles who ran for president as the neo-Nazi National Socialist Order of America party candidate. The back room was a meeting hall with a huge mural featuring the swastika next to a portrait of American Nazi, George Lincoln Rockwell. The front room was a shop carrying a full line of Nazi and Klan related paraphenalia and racist T shirts—but what was there more of than anything else? Confederate flags, EVERYWHERE. Anything you can imagine putting a Confederate flag on, they had it at The Redneck Shop. That visit left a lasting impression, and it became even more clear to me afterwords what that flag meant to white-supremacists. 

The Redneck Shop. Laurens, SC. Photo by Bickel.
Still, so many SC politicans seemed unconvinced—until that horrible, bloody event took place in Charleston last week. But, make no mistake—that tragedy in and of itself did not get the dialogue started on the meaning of the Confederate Flag as a symbol of white supremacy. It took the killer making the most specific statement possible in big bold capital letters, essentially saying “I AM A WHITE SUPREMACIST MURDERER AND BY THE WAY CHECK OUT THESE SELFIES:”

There’s no arguing the “brand” anymore.
Remarkably, it only took five days for major Republican players who previously were pro-flag, or unwilling to give an opinion one way or the other, to realize they had to distance themselves from that AND QUICK. On June 22nd, South Carolina governor Nikki Haley made the announcement that it was time for the flag to go and that she would be calling for a special legislative session to deal with the issue. For many of us who had attended decades of fruitless protests (and, uh, written bad punk songs about it) it was cause for long-awaited celebration. Finally the pro-flag people were willing to listen—and it only took nine people being murdered, and those murders being directly tied to the symbol of the Confederacy!  But still, maybe for the wrong reasons, the right thing was done. I remember thinking while watching Governor Haley’s press conference, “she just ended her career as a South Carolina politician, but began her career as a national politician.” Mark those words.

South Carolina Governor, Nikki Haley. Photo by Bickel.
What happened next was an interesting little “fuck you” to Dylann Roof and his masterplan: Walmart, Amazon, eBay and Sears all announced plans to remove the Confederate flag from their inventories. Roof brought the politicization of the flag right out into the spotlight and corporate America said “we don’t want our brands associated with THAT BRAND.” Now let’s be real, certainly these retailers are doing this because it’s a “trending” issue and they want free publicity and positive PR. One would imagine cost benefit analyses were in hand before making this call, but its a thought-provoking turn of events in response to the Charleston tragedy. As one of my friends remarked today, “If you are bending yourself into contortions trying to defend the Confederate flag as a symbol that has nothing to do with racism, congratulations- you are less progressive than Walmart.”

But all of this brought about another conversation. Many have called Walmart, Amazon, eBay, and Sears’ decision a form of “censorship.” While this is certainly in no way “censorship”—any business makes basic decisions over what they are going to stock or not stock, it’s the “market” at work—it may be worth examining the way in which corporations respond to changes in consumer values. This is all playing out very quickly. The main argument for bringing the flag down from the South Carolina statehouse was that it did not represent the entire constituency of the state, but corporations are not beholden to their customers in the same way—though there is an interest in protecting their brand. Going forward, how are decisions made as to what is OK and not OK to stock? Especially under the umbrella of companies like Amazon and eBay which act as aggregates for hundreds of thousands of third-party sellers. And as large as these companies are, do they even know what they are selling?

Amazon listing for white-power band, Skrewdriver.
Case in point, “rebel” flags are gone from Amazon’s listings, but are you in the market for some white-power skinhead rock? Look no further, Amazon has you covered! A simple search on the keyword “Skrewdriver” over at Amazon will pull up DOZENS of Nazi skinhead albums, both by Skrewdriver and by several other white-power Oi! groups. And let me save you a trip to the comments section by pointing out that, yes, you can buy Skrewdriver’s first album, the one they made “before they were racists.”

If Amazon is going to discontinue sales of the Confederate flag, should they also discontinue sale of Skrewdriver records? Or what about Nazi SS flags?  That would seem like a given, but HERE THEY ARE, GUYS:

Should you be able to buy Hail the New Dawn at the same place you buy your Huggies and ink cartridges? I don’t have this answer. Personally, yeah, I have issues with the Confederate flag and what it stands for. Certainly, I have issues with Skrewdriver’s lyrical content. Do I think these things should be “banned”? Certainly not, if by “banned” you mean the government passing laws against their existence. As John Oliver said on last Sunday’s edition of Last Week Tonight, “The Confederate flag is one of those symbols that should really only be seen on t-shirts, belt buckles and bumper stickers to help the rest of us identify the worst people in the world.” I don’t mind someone identifying with that symbol as it identifies them to the rest of us. I enjoy our First Amendment rights. They allow me to get away with a lot of shit here at Dangerous Minds. But what a company chooses to stock or not stock has nothing to do with Freedom of Speech—no one is saying you can’t obtain your flags or Skrewdriver albums, or copies of The Turner Diaries ($8.69 on Kindle, folks!) someplace else.

But the ever-present “slippery slope” questions get raised - who will make these decisions and where will lines be drawn? Should lines be drawn? Of course the answer is always going to be in the form of a question: “is this hurting our corporate image and therefore affecting our bottom line?” If it suddenly becomes a liability for Amazon to sell Skrewdriver records like it became a liability for them to sell Confederate flags, then they’ll stop.

But don’t worry, champions of liberty, this is not the end of free speech. There will always be an Interstate truck stop or flea market stall waiting to take up the sale of these items to increase their own bottom line—so long as the demand exists, which it, unfortunately, likely will.

Doge will rise again. Photo courtesy The J Train.
It’s fascinating how quickly these reactions to the Charleston shooting have played out, with the entire opposite of Dylann Roof’s intended effect. We’ve seen crucial and necessary conversations on racial disparity begin, we’ve seen action on the Confederate flag, and we’ve also seen some bizarre fallout. One petition calls for SC to replace the Confederate flag with James Brown’s cape. Some of us will be giving up a little bit of our own “heritage” as ‘80s kid TV viewers with Warner Brothers announcing it will no longer license models of the Dukes of Hazzard muscle-car, The General Lee, due to the rooftop rebel flag. Shit, I can live with that. The main thing is, whether taking down the flag, or removing it from store shelves, or taking it off the Dukes of Hazzard car, or WHATEVER makes any difference or not in healing this country, at least we seem to be TRYING—at least we’re clumsily moving forward and not letting the Dylann Roofs of the world win.

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Dangerous Finds: Millennials racist as parents; O’Reilly’s black friends; Nina Simone child abuser?
03:45 pm

Current Events


Nina Simone child abuser? Daughter reveals singer’s shockingly violent temper in upcoming Netflix production. (Hollywood Reporter)

Northern California man exposes himself to woman just minutes after registering as a sex offender: Minutes later, he was, you guessed it, back behind bars. (The Raw Story)

Whole Foods Overcharging Customers for Pre-Packaged Foods, Department of Consumer Affairs Finds: Whole Food’s New York City stores have been overstating the weights of pre-packaged products — including meats, dairy and baked goods — resulting in customers being overcharged. (NBC News)

Many in nation tired of explaining things to idiots: Particularly when the things in question are so painfully obvious, a new poll indicates. According to the University of Minnesota’s Opinion Research Institute, while millions have been vexed for some time by their failure to explain incredibly basic information to dolts, that frustration has now reached a breaking point. (The New Yorker)

The ‘Next’ Seinfeld Has Already Been on TV for a Decade: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has more than lived up to the “no hugging, no learning” mantra since its debut in 2005. Plus crack addiction! (TIME)

Pill makes you forget to be addicted to drugs: Already prescribed for high blood pressure, but shown to help addicted rats. Because isradipine is already on the market, FDA approval of the drug to treat addiction could be fast-tracked. (Popular Science)

The Righteous Logic of the Neo-Confederate Watershed: This is probably the very best essay I’ve read yet about the backlash against the Confederate flag. (Talking Points Memo)

Here’s How Men Make 200 Million Sperm Every Day: It’s actually a 64 day process. Who knew? (Throb)

Bernie Sanders wants to talk about marijuana and looks to Colorado: Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said he plans to make marijuana an issue in the 2016 presidential campaign. (Denver Post)

Bill O’Reilly freaks out when guest asks: ‘How many black friends do you have?’ “The world is being told by anti-American haters that we are a rank racist society, and that is a lie,” said Papa Bear. (The Raw Story)

Mother Rabbit Goes Berserk On Snake: An incredible video shows a mother rabbit relentlessly pursuing the snake who killed her babies. You’ve never seen a more badass rabbit, trust me. (The Dodo)

Millennials are just as racist as their parents: Research has found racially prejudiced attitudes to be surprisingly persistent among the youngest generation of white Americans. (Washington Post)

The South Shall Not Rise Again: The North has the money and the culture, but the South has defined the limits of our politics. That may finally and blessedly be ending. (The Daily Beast)

Bernie Sanders & Cornel West: The radical alliance that could change everything: As the democratic socialist from Vermont tries to do the impossible, the firebrand academic could help. (Salon)

Are you sad? Are you lonely? Do you wake up each morning waiting for the next big thing? Fear no more! Tim and Eric’s Zone Theory: 7 Easy Steps to Achieve a Perfect Life is a brand new, revolutionary life system that guarantees to improve you, and everything around you. Start your journey at

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