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The Pissing Tanker fights against public urination in India one spray at a time!

An anonymous activist group activist group have taken it upon themselves to try to quash public urination in India. From the evidence presented in this video, I guess it’s a big stinky problem there. The activist group built what’s called The Pissing Tanker which “patrols” Mumbai and when someone is caught in the act of public urination—which is against the law there—the offender gets hosed-down by a strong stream of water. What you might call poetic justice…

The group which also has a twitter account, without a display picture of course, asks others to be aware of them as they will strike when least expected. Their motto is ‘You Stop. We Stop’ and fight public urination ‘one spray at a time’.

Seems like a mild form of vigilante justice. Frequent public pissers in Mumbai would be advised to immediately purchase waterproof iPhone cases…

Via Arbroath

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Holy hell! Watch an entire street in Baltimore sink right into the earth!
02:37 pm

Current Events


When I initially hit play for this video I wasn’t expecting much. It kinda starts out slow and you think you’ve seen something similar like this before and then… bam!

YouTuber Nicholas Nick Nico Reyes caught this incredible footage of a landslide caused by a sinkhole on April 30th. Cars parked along N. 26th St. in Baltimore’s Charles Village were literally swallowed-up by Mother Nature’s maws. Not sure I’ve seen an entire street sink into oblivion before. This is a first.

Via Daily Dot

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Convicted cannibals re-arrested for… er… cannibalism
07:50 am

Current Events


A man has been arrested in Pakistan’s Punjab province on suspicion of cannibalising a young girl. Mohammad Arif Ali was arrested after neighbors complained about the smell of rotting flesh coming from his house.

Arif Ali and his brother, Mohammad Farman Ali, were jailed two years ago after they were found to have disinterred and devoured up to 150 corpses over ten years from a local graveyard. It is said the brothers used body parts to make curry. As there are no laws against cannibalism in Pakistan, the pair were sent to jail for desecration of graves, and fined Rs50,000.

The brothers spent most of their time in prison at the King Edward Medical University in Lahore, where they were examined by doctors at the neurophysiology department.

After their release from jail, the siblings maintained a very low profile. However, after complaints about an overpowering stench coming from the brothers’ house, local police raided the premises where the discovered the skull of a child. The police then arrested one of the brothers, Arif Ali, and are now searching for the other brother, Farman Ali.

Proof that short prison sentences don’t work…?

Cannibalism can be dated as far back as the Lower and Middle Paleolithic, where it is believed to have taken place during times of famine or for possible rituals. More recently, cannibalism has been documented during the Russian famine of the 1920s, and during the Second World War at the siege of Stalingrad. It has also been reported in the 1960s and 1970s in Cambodia, and famously after the 1972, Andes flight disaster, when survivors cannibalised other dead passengers to stay alive. There have also been several notorious serial killers who cannibalised their victms including Jeffrey Dahmer and Andrei Chikatilo (who killed and ate a minimum of 52 women and children between 1976 and 1990) being perhaps the best known.

Below the original news report on the arrest of the two brothers form 2011:

Via The Independent

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‘He promises to just smoke pot as mayor. Not crack’: Hilarious anti-Rob Ford campaign posters
10:47 am

Current Events

Rob Ford

^^^^^ I’d vote for him!

Apparently parody election signs are popping up all over Toronto by No Ford Nation. The tagline on all signs are, “Anyone’s better than Rob Ford.”

The reaction by Torontonians have been a mixed bag so far. Some people are finding the signs absolutely hilarious, while others are pissed-off and claim the signs are damaging the city’s reputation.


Via reddit

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Chaos theory: What it might look like if 1500 people walked and texted at the same time

This Japanese ad, by mobile phone carrier NTT Docomo, purports that one in every five people who walk while using their Smartphone will experience some type of accident or injury. I believe it. They’ll probably also inflict many an injury on innocent people, too. (I witnessed a mother crossing a busy downtown Los Angeles street with her toddler yesterday smiling at something and texting and I wondered WHAT could be so important that she had to reply to it right then and there?)

Attention to the surroundings is neglected while walking around staring at your cellphone.

We decided to study the danger of texting while walking using a computer simulation.

We used a computer simulation to have 1,500 people text while walking at Shibuya Crossing, the busiest crossing where people can cross in every direction.

What actually happened? Chaos? Fear? Comedy?

See the numerous unusual movements resulting from texting while walking.

*Some of the numbers used in the simulation were based on the research results of Professor Kazuhiro Kozuka, Department of Media Informatics, Aichi University of Technology.

Okay, so it’s not exactly the infamous 1979 Who concert in Cincinnati, but it does show you how disoriented people get from walking and texting. And from what I can tell, a few animated people do get trampled.

Via Daily Dot

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Will robots replace Lady Gaga?

Last week Dangerous Minds’ Martin Schneider posed the question “Will pole dancing robots put human strippers out of work?” After watching the video of this batshit gyrating animatronic by artist Jordan Wolfson I’m inclined to answer “maybe.” I mean I doubt they’ll be wearing bonkers witch masks, but who knows?

According to the description on YouTube:

“The figure incorporates facial recognition technology, allowing her to focus on, and unnervingly follow visitors at the exhibition.”

The piece is currently being exhibited March 6 – April 19 at David Zwirner Gallery in New York. 

Via io9

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Man locks wife in shed for singing ‘Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead’ when his mother died

Andrew Salmon, from Cornwall, apparently locked his wife in a garden shed after she kept repeatedly singing “Ding dong, the witch is dead” following death of his mother.

Questioned later, Salmon explained his actions by saying that his wife never liked his mother and was very unsympathetic when she died.

He told magistrates she kept saying “ding dong, the witch is dead”.

“I was provoked but I am sorry for what I have done to my wife and regret everything I did.” he said. “I was pushed towards it although I should not have done it.”

Lesson: Don’t mess with this man’s mama!

Via The Independent

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What are the odds of THIS: Cyclist hit by pickup truck, mattress cushions his fall
09:21 am

Current Events

Hit and run

I’ve watched this four times, but I still can’t tell if the pickup truck actually hits the cyclist or just the bike itself. In any case, holy hell what are the mathematical odds of a mattress falling off the truck to break his fall???

On the flipside of that equation, as one YouTuber by the name of Albino Spaz quipped:

not sure if he is lucky or unlucky

Well, he does stand up. I vote lucky!

Via reddit

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Has Courtney Love found Flight 370???
01:52 pm

Current Events

Courtney Love

Courtney Love posted this to her Facebook page 11 hours ago. I’ve got nuthin’ else to add.

I’m no expert but up close this does look like a plane and an oil slick. … prayers go out to the families #MH370 and its like a mile away Pulau Perak, where they “last” tracked it 5°39’08.5"N 98°50’38.0"E but what do I know?

Courtney Love on Facebook


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‘Trust is hard to rebuild once it has been broken’: NSA’s own advice column trashes unwanted spying
02:11 pm

Current Events

National Security Agency

Willy Wonka
On June 15, 2010, the NSA debuted a new recurring feature on its intranet—an advice column. This really happened. The existence of the column was revealed by Glenn Greenwald’s new website The Intercept a few days ago. The advice column was called “Ask Zelda!” The “Ask Zelda!” columns were distributed on the agency’s intranet and accessible only to those with the proper security clearance; they were among the documents leaked by Edward Snowden. The lighthearted column addressed to most mundane and quotidian issues of NSA life, issues familiar to all office workers, including workplace attire, stolen food from common refrigerators, co-worker body odor, and so on.

The inaugural column consisted of one letter, and it was about the skimpy clothes that some younger NSA staff were wearing during the balmy late spring of 2010:

Dear Zelda,

Now that the warm weather is here, some of the newer Agency employees in my office are dressing in ways that are less than professional. How do I, as their supervisor, get them to stop dressing like they’re going to the beach when NSA doesn’t have a formal dress code?

Prudish Prudence

Dear Prudence,

Oy! Once the thermometer hits 80 degrees, it can look like Ocean City West around here. Somehow, shorts and flip-flops don’t exactly convey the image of a fierce SIGNIT warrior.

You are right to be concerned, and I applaud your initiative as the supervisor to take corrective action. Not only is beach attire unprofessional in the workplace, but in certain cases it can be downright distracting to co-workers (if you get my drift).


As with most things, communication is the key to a happy and productive workplace. With a little proactive discussion on your part, your staff can look professional during the summer months. So the next time one of your employees looks like they work at the National Snorkeling Academy instead of the National Security Agency, try these tips and let me know how it turns out.

The identity of “Zelda” is not known, but a biographical snippet in the first column supplies some clues for those who are familiar with the NSA hierarchy.

“Zelda” is the pen name for a manager who has spent most of her 29 years at NSA in SID [Signals Intelligence Directorate] (and its predecessor orgs), supplemented by several years in career development (ADET [Associate Directorate for Education and Training]). Her managerial experience includes approximately 20 years as a first-line and mid-level Agency supervisor, as well as supervisory positions in the entertainment and food service industries. Zelda develops and teaches leadership training as part of the Nartional Cryptologic School’s Adjunct Faculty, and enjoys bossing people around outside of work, too.

In September of 2011, “Zelda” addressed the issue of—you guessed it—unwanted spying in the workplace. Her response was a fascinating brew of pie-in-the-sky helpfulness, naivete, and inadvertent revelation. Here’s the exchange in its entirety.

Dear Zelda,

Here’s the scenario: when the boss sees co-workers having a quiet conversation, he wants to know what is being said (it’s mostly work related). He has his designated “snitches” and expects them to keep him apprised of all the office gossip – even calling them at home and expecting a run-down! This puts the “designees” in a really awkward position; plus, we’re all afraid any offhand comment or anything said in confidence might be either repeated or misrepresented.

Needless to say, this creates a certain amount of tension between team members who normally would get along well, and adds stress in an already stressful atmosphere. There is also an unspoken belief that he will move people to different desks to break up what he perceives as people becoming too “chummy.” (It’s been done under the guise of “creating teams.”)

We used to be able to joke around a little or talk about our favorite “Idol” contestant to break the tension, but now we’re getting more and more skittish about even the most mundane general conversations (“Did you have a good weekend?”). This was once a very open, cooperative group who worked well together. Now we’re more suspicious of each other and teamwork is becoming harder. Do you think this was the goal?

Silenced in SID

Dear Silenced,

Wow, that takes “intelligence collection” in a whole new – and inappropriate – direction.

It’s lonely at the top

First let me say that I do not think this manager’s intent is to discourage teamwork. What it sounds like to me is that he (I’ll call him “Michael”) feels like an outsider and wants to be in the know. It can be lonely being the boss. You sit closed off in an office and miss the easy camraderie with your co-workers, while at the same time feeling the need to “police” their behavior. Maybe someone told Michael there was too much chit-chat in his organization or that some specific problem existed, and resorting to snitches is his misguided way of ferreting out the culprit(s). Either that or he’s been watching too much “Law & Order.”

Why don’t you try this: go overboard communicating with him. Call him over when he’s wandering around spying on people and fill him in on things. Give him details of work projects and ask his opinion about mission matters so he feels like he’s “in the loop.” Get others to drop by his desk periodically just to say hello, “hope you had a good weekend,” or “How ‘bout them O’s?” [I’m pretty sure this means the Orioles.] I bet that will satisfy his need to know what’s going on and he’ll back off with the nosiness.

NSA=No Secrets Allowed

We work in an Agency of secrets, but this kind of secrecy begets more secrecy and it becomes a downward spiral that destroys teamwork. What if you put an end to all the secrecy by bringing it out in the open? You and your co-workers could ask Michael for a team meeting and lay out the issue as you see it: “We feel like you don’t trust us and we aren’t comfortable making small talk anymore for fear of having our desks moved if we’re seen as being too chummy.” (Leave out the part about the snitches.) Tell him how this is hampering collaboration and affecting the work, ask him if he has a problem with the team’s behavior, and see what he says. …. Stick to the facts and how you feel, rather than making it about him (“We’re uncomfortable” vs “You’re spying on us.”).

If, after your attempts to bring things out into the open, it becomes clear that Michael is simply evil (some people live to stir up trouble), your best recourse may be to approach Michael’s boss with the problem and perhaps Michael can be reassigned. Be sure to focus on the effect it’s having on the team’s work when you talk to his manager.

No one likes a tattle-tale

“Silenced” implied that in this situation the snitches were unwilling accomplices for Michael. The reluctant snitches feel like they’re “damned if they do and damned if they don’t,” and everyone else is walking on eggshells. If you are bothered by snitches in your office, whether of the unwilling or voluntary variety, the best solution is to keep your behavior above reproach. Be a good performer, watch what you say and do, lock your screen when you step away from your workstation, and keep fodder for wagging tongues (your Viagra stash, photos of your wild-and-crazy girls’ weekend in Atlantic City) at home or out of sight. If you are put in the “unwilling snitch” position, I would advise telling your boss that you’re not comfortable with the role and to please not ask that of you.

Trust is hard to rebuild once it has been broken. Your work center may take time to heal after this deplorable practice is discontinued, but give it time and hopefully the open cooperation you once enjoyed will return.


Emphasis mine. I’m relishing that series of words…. “We work in an Agency of secrets, but this kind of secrecy begets more secrecy and it becomes a downward spiral that destroys teamwork. What if you put an end to all the secrecy by bringing it out in the open?” I hope that wherever in Russia Edward Snowden is today, he can take come grim solace in the fact that somewhere inside the vast NSA, there exists or once existed (maybe she’s retired) a 29-plus-year veteran who, even if she doesn’t know it, thinks that Snowden did the right thing.

But then again, as she wrote, “No one likes a tattle-tale.” I think I’ll go vomit now.

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