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Dangerous Finds: Transgender porn boom; Trump and the whole Hitler thing; Goths more depressed?
07:41 pm

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Young goths ‘at risk of depression’: Young people who identify as goths may be at increased risk of depression and self-harm, a study suggests.
Researchers could not fully explain the link, but suggest a tendency for goths to distance themselves from society could play a part. (BBC News)

The Way of the Doofus Warrior or ‘The Art of the War,’ Trump style: Donald Trump, military genius or crazy like a fox, or both? (Talking Points Memo)

Trump Kept Hitler’s Speeches by his Bed: Says Only Short Jews Can Count His Money, Not Blacks: “If I had these speeches, and I am not saying that I do, I would never read them.”(Ring of Fire)

Vatican’s No. 1 Pervert Priest Dies Suddenly in Vatican City: After raping boys and keeping child porn at the Vatican, Josef Wesolowski was set to stand trial for his sins. Now his fate will be left to a higher power. (The Daily Beast)

Business owners try to remove all voters from business district, but they forgot one college student: University of Missouri student Jen Henderson, alone, will get to decide whether or not to approve the a sneaky sales tax increase. (Daily Kos)

Transgender porn quickly growing in popularity: While many Americans might say Caitlyn Jenner’s much-watched interview with Diane Sawyer was their introduction to the transgender community, the adult entertainment industry says transgender porn has been a big seller for years—and it’s getting bigger. (CNBC)

Sanders to push Dems to rebel against establishment: Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) plans to tell the Democratic National Committee (DNC) that the party needs an anti-establishment approach to be successful in 2016 elections. When the presidential candidate speaks at the DNC’s summer meeting Friday in Minneapolis, he will tell them that “if Democrats want to keep the White House and recapture Congress and make gains in statehouses, then establishment politics won’t do it,” according to CNN. (The Hill)

Jindal Letter To Obama: Please Don’t Mention Climate Change On Katrina Anniversary: If someone punched Bobby Jindal right in the face, I would laugh. What a fucking idiot. WHO told this fool he could become President? God? (Talking Points Memo)

Hawaii’s Governor Dumps Oil and Gas in Favor of 100% Renewables: An unlikely partnership between Hawaii’s local government and the US military makes the island a leader in energy policy. (The Nation)

The Troubling Decline of Financial Independence in America: If you can’t work for yourself and afford health insurance, something is seriously messed up. (Of Two Minds)

Marco Rubio’s trickle-down nonsense: Tax cuts for the rich make sense because his father was a bartender! His tax plan will make the rich richer and worsen inequality, but his dad was working-class so it’s okay? (Salon)

Below, the Flying Lizards do “Money (It’s What I Want)” on Holland’s TopPop TV show:

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Dangerous Finds: Burning Man will be ‘a police state’; Ashley Madison’s other secret; Why NOT Trump?
02:57 pm

Current Events


Nevada Sheriff’s Department Promises to Turn ‘Burning Man’ Festival into a Police State: The new sheriff is concerned about “non-violent crime” at the annual desert bash. What could he be talking about? (AlterNet)

Working with men is bad for your health, study shows: Ladies, take note: new research has found that working in a male-heavy environment is bad for you. Researchers from Indiana University Bloomington found that in industries which are highly sex-segregated such as science, tech and engineering, ‘token’ female employees showed chronic dysregulation in their levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. (The Independent)

Welcome to the naked city: sun, swingers and very little shoplifting: Modernism and naturism meld at the world’s biggest nude town, Cap d’Agde in France, which swells to 40,000 people in summer. Nothing exists on this scale anywhere else in the world. (The Guardian)

Miley Cyrus Goes Undercover to Find Out How Much People Hate Her: As one man told the singer, “The whole fabric of America is falling apart and she’s not doing anything to try to keep it together.” (Mediaite)

Why not Donald Trump?: Yes, Trump is basically executing a hostile takeover of the Republican Party. Is that supposed to make the civic-minded shudder? Does the Republican Party strike you as a particularly civic-minded organization? Is there any organization you can name more deeply deserving of being hostilely taken over in this manner? (The Week)

Almost None of the Women in the Ashley Madison Database Ever Used the Site: And I’ll just make a wild guess and say that the ones who do are probably doing so for professional reasons? (Gizmodo)

Ohio’s controversial abortion bill puts supposedly moderate Republican Governor John Kasich in an awkward spot: Would outlaw abortion for mothers carrying babies with Down syndrome but aborting a healthy fetus would still be legal, a confused notion if ever there was one. (The Economist)

Is porn addiction really a thing? Or it an attempt to medicalize religious dogma that forbids normal and healthy interest in sexual fantasies? (Slate)

What some of the richest people in America say about the poor when they think no one is listening: A Facebook page for tony Manhattan residents is a cesspool of racist vitriol and complaints about the homeless. (Salon)

Chris Christie Is Doing So Poorly That The Chris Christie Anti-Super PAC Just Folded: A Super PAC created just to oppose Christie’s bid for president has shut down its operations because Christie’s campaign is losing spirit and performing so horribly all on its own! Everybody hates Chris. I gotta tell it like it is. (Esquire)

Below, the Bee Gees do “Alive” on Dutch television’s long running TopPop series in 1972:

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Genesis Breyer P-Orridge on Caitlyn Jenner: ‘She hasn’t got a clue!’
10:56 am

Current Events


In the hour-long podcast embedded below Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace and Genesis Breyer P-Orridge discuss the notion that Caitlyn Jenner—rich, white, honored at awards ceremonies, etc—should be wary of referring to herself as a spokesperson for the transgender community, considering that she’s got precious little in common with trans people of color and lower-income situations.


“Apparently Caitlyn is already saying things like, ‘It’s so difficult being a woman and having to decide which designer gown to wear when you go out at night’… That’s not being a woman, that’s being a glamorous Hollywood figure and that’s not how it is for most people. There are lots of teenage kids on the streets of New York who are hustling and risking AIDS because they need to get money to transition, and they’re prepared to risk their lives because it’s such a deep need, and they don’t have that back-up system.”

“We’re not saying Caitlyn isn’t courageous in terms of the personal experience, but the way it’s being presented by the media could end up being really, really damaging. We actually saw one thing on the news and Caitlyn’s going, ‘I feel like I can be a spokesperson for the transgendered community.’ And later on she says, ‘I actually don’t know any transsexuals.’ What the fuck, she’s going to be spokesperson? She hasn’t got a clue! She’s been living in her own bubble with her own issues, dealing with them, but she doesn’t understand what it’s like for the ladyboys in Bangkok, or the transsexuals in Japan or people in Russia. She doesn’t know! Stop being a spokesperson.”

Later in the show Genesis opines:

“Binary systems are the critical problem, the either/or, the black/white, gay/straight, Christian/Muslim, you name it. Maybe the problem is that we haven’t evolved into a unified being; not male or female but both. The human body is not the person. Identity is the way the brain operates; it’s memories, it’s sensory input and output. The mind is the person.”

Listen to entire podcast below:

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Dangerous Finds: A peek inside Mr. Robot’s toolkit; Weaponized drones for cops; Republicans like pot
07:34 am

Current Events


A peek inside Mr. Robot‘s Toolbox: The USA show concludes its powerful first season tonight. UPDATE: Mr. Robot‘s season finale will NOT air tonight after all, according to a statement of the show’s Facebook page: “The previously filmed season finale of Mr. Robot contains a graphic scene similar in nature to today’s tragic events in Virginia. Out of respect to the victims, their families and colleagues, and our viewers, we are postponing tonight’s episode. Our thoughts go out to all those affected during this difficult time.” The finale will air on Wednesday September 2. (Wired)

‘Dictator’ Jim Bob Duggar teaches his sons to repress their lust using THIS weird code word. This family is fucking nuts. (The Raw Story)

It’s not just Trump: Latinos should boycott the Republican party en masse: Donald Trump’s treatment of Univision’s Jorge Ramos is just the latest reason why Latino voters should unite to bring the party to its knees. (The Guardian)

GOP voters strongly favor marijuana reform, poll finds: See, Republicans are just like everybody else. Just stupider. (The Hill)

Schizophrenics have different throat bacteria: This could be helpful for new treatments, faster diagnoses, and figuring out what causes the disease in the first place. (PopSci)

The incredible animatronic sculptures of Thomas Kuntz: Fantastic animatronic mechanisms that recreate scenes from the best nightmares you’ve ever had. (bOING bOING)

Kansas seeks to block release of voting machine paper tapes: The top election official in Kansas has asked a Sedgwick County judge to block the release of voting machine tapes sought by a Wichita mathematician who is researching statistical anomalies favoring Republicans in counts coming from large precincts in the November 2014 general election. I wonder why? (KSN)

Why Fox News’ Defense Of Megyn Kelly Is Going To Backfire: Their viewers tend to be old, male and misogynist? (Talking Points Memo)

Slenderman Stabbing: If 12-year-olds Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser knew that the Internet character they worshipped was a fantasy, why did they want to kill their friend for him? Fascinatingly strange article, a “must read.”(New York)

Why so many Christians blame pornography for other sins like adultery: Because of Jesus? Kirk Cameron? It’s a super convenient excuse? (Vox)

North Dakota First State to Legalize Armed Drones for Cops: Free to fire tasers, tear gas from air. What could possibly go wrong? (The Daily Beast)

Bobby Jindal: No, I’m Not An ‘Anchor Baby’: Just a fucking idiot. (Talking Points Memo)

“Fadeout Killer” video from the latest release from Slim Twig, Thank You for Stickin’ with Twig, one of my very favorite albums of 2015 so far. In the top two. This guy is the real deal:

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Dangerous Finds: Astronaut Pee Argument; Former KKK leader endorses Trump; Bernie is beating Hillary
01:29 pm

Current Events


Bernie Sanders Surpasses Hillary Clinton In New Hampshire Poll: This is the second poll this month that shows him ahead of Clinton in the state. Beyond the margin of error. (Huffington Post)

What is a Red Sprite: Ghost? Alien? Carbonated beverage? (Popular Science)

Students protesting Alison Bechdel’s ‘Fun Home’: How clinging to “Christian moral beliefs” can end an education before it even begins: Duke University’s advance summer reading assignment is an award-winning graphic novel, not pornography. I reckon ‘Fun Home’ is the best thing that I read last year, it’s a truly amazing and moving piece of literature. These kids are fucking fucknuts and need to have their goody-two-shoes asses kicked. (Salon)

Nobody has been hurt by Trump more than Walker, who has seen his support drop nearly in half in the last month, to single digits: After his flat performance in the debate, he lost his longtime lead in Iowa. Maybe it’s because so many saw him for the very first time and wrote him off as a half-wit? I’m just sayin’. I mean, look at the guy. He’s the dictionary definition of “goober.” (Washington Post)

If Social Security Had Been In Private Accounts The Stock Market Drop Could Have Been A Disaster: Although Black Monday may have knocked a good deal of money out of people’s 401(k) retirement accounts, Social Security benefits remain by and large untouched by such fluctuations. Some Republicans, however, are interested in changing that. (Think Progress)

Former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke throws support behind Donald Trump: Duke, a self-described “racial realist” and notorious white nationalist, praised Trump during a wide-ranging tirade on his radio program, calling the surging real estate mogul a “good salesman” and “the best of the lot” of the large group of 2016 Republican presidential candidates. (NY Daily News)

Wall Street: We Have Too Much Stuff: What’s behind the turmoil on Wall Street? Fundamentally, we have too many resources, nobody wants them, and the people who are making them aren’t being paid enough. Clearly 21st century Capitalism isn’t the best way for societies to allocate resources. (The Daily Beast)

Donald Trump’s approval rating among Hispanic Americans is absolutely horrible: After Donald Trump suggested that all Mexican immigrants are rapists and criminals, he went on to insist that he “will win the Latino vote.” Well, Gallup’s survey results for the past month and a half are in, and Hispanic Americans have responded with a very clear “nope.” (Vox)

The Death of Friedrich Nietzsche: Julian Cope on the thorny problem of the German philosopher. (On This Deity)

This could change everything: Secretive California company advances towards unlimited fusion energy: Scientists using a machine the size of two city buses came one step closer to creating abundant, cheap, clean energy. (Raw Story)

Feeling the Bern with the youth vote: In an era of gridlock and systemic abuse, trust in the sanctity of the political process may be the most valuable gift a young voter can get. Bernie Sanders shows the kids what’s possible. (The New Yorker)

USA and Russia Can’t Even Agree on How to Handle Astronaut Pee: The International Space Station flies with two completely separate water systems. Drinking urine isn’t actually the main reason. (Bloomberg)

Pollster’s Legs Wobble After Fawning Donald Trump Focus Group: Republican pollster Frank Luntz asks media “You guys understand how significant this is? This is real. I’m having trouble processing it. Like, my legs are shaking. I want to put the Republican leadership behind this mirror and let them see. They need to wake up. They don’t realize how the grassroots have abandoned them,” Luntz continued. “Donald Trump is punishment to a Republican elite that wasn’t listening to their grassroots.” (TIME)

Below, Brian Eno performing “Seven Deadly Fins” on Dutch television, 1974:

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Dangerous Finds: Howard: Trump will win GOP nod; Bernie vs. ‘greedy’ Koch Bros; Hormonal happy meals
03:21 pm

Current Events


Happy meals: The airport spiking food with ‘happy hormones’: Feeling stressed at the airport? London’s Gatwick Airport may have found a solution: They’ve started serving meals full of “happy hormones.” (CNN)

Bernie Sanders Takes Aim At ‘Greedy’ Koch Brothers: “For the life of me, I will never understand how a family like the Koch brothers, worth $85 billion, apparently think that’s not enough money.” (Huffington Post)

H&R Block snuck language into a Senate bill to make taxes more confusing for poor people: Awfully nice of them! (Vox)

Ben Carson says he’d consider being Trump’s running mate: And—ahem—“vice versa”! Yeah, right. I’d imagine that Trump probably has his own ideas that don’t include Ben Carson. (NY Post)

Howard Stern predicts Trump will win GOP nod: ‘People dig him’: “I’ll tell you why I think he’s going to be the nominee: He’s proven that no matter what he says, people dig him,” the SiriusXM radio host told listeners on Monday. (The Hill)

Despite Donald Trump’s immigration comments, GOP is actually gaining among non-whites: Hillary Clinton leads Trump by nine points among all respondents in CNN’s most recent poll, and Jeb! Bush by eight. In late June, she led Bush by 13 and Trump by 25. (Washington Post)

CNN host to anti-abortion GOPer: ‘Where does it stop’ if you can force us to carry Down Syndrome fetuses? Don’t ever change, Republican weenies. (Raw Story)

Satan worshipers drench women with milk in Planned Parenthood counter-protest: Clad in black robes, members of the Satanic Temple of Detriot drenched bound women with milk, simulating water-boarding to “illustrate the theocratic agenda imposed upon female bodies.” The milk symbolized breast milk, one of the protest organizers explained on Facebook. (Washington Examiner)

David Simon: Hyper-segregation is our national dynamic: The Wire creator David Simon on his newest mini-series and what drives white people “batsh*t, batsh*t crazy” (Salon)

Why the Bear market of 2015 Is Different from the Bear Market of 2008: Are there any conditions now that are actually better than those of 2008? (Of Two Minds)

Let’s Debunk the Nonsense in This Pathetic Ted Cruz Ad About Anti-Gay “Religious Liberty”: Even Trump isn’t bowing to gay bashing. If Cruz can be said to have any “constituents” outside of Texas, he clearly only appeals to dummies, bigots and, I dunno big Peter Lorre fans? The dud is a stone freak. (Slate)

“Del Ghosto” by Cellular Chaos. Directed by Admiral Grey:

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The Sad Truth: Nauseatingly profound illustrations of what the world is turning into

Everything that’s bleak about the modern world is wrapped-up like a perfect, little package with these illustrations by London-based artist and animator, Steve Cutts. Rampant consumerism. Shitty jobs. Environmental devastation. Disinformation. Nonsense. Billionaire psychopaths. Overcrowded cities—all present and accounted for. We’ve featured Cutts’ work here on DM before with his dark animation about the current lives of ‘80s cartoon characters.

If a picture paints a thousand words, these pieces are Molotov cocktails for the mind.



More after the jump…

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Dangerous Finds: Josh Duggar is a loathsome dipshit; China’s Commie Illuminati; Sarah Palin on Trump
01:17 pm

Current Events


Josh Duggar is a loathsome dipshit: Admits to porn addiction and being ‘unfaithful’ to wife: ‘I have been the biggest hypocrite ever.’ It pisses me off to even be typing his name. I don’t want to know anything about this man’s dumb life and yet I do. That’s just plain WRONG. Lord Jesus, make it stop! (Raw Story)

The Secretive Beach Retreat Where China Leaders Plot World Domination: Welcome to the beach resort where the Chinese Communist Party’s major players convene each year to set the country’s geopolitical and domestic agendas. (The Daily Beast)

Bernie Sanders Announces Bill to Abolish Private Prisons, Hints at Marijuana Policy Platform: Sanders isn’t done talking about criminal justice reform — in fact, he’s merely getting started. The presidential contender continues to rise in the polls and sensible Drug War reforms will only increase his standing with the Democratic base. (Marijuana Politics)

London’s sky pool will let the super-rich swim through the air: Developers in London are building what they claim is the world’s first “sky pool” — a 25-meter long swimming pool suspended 10 stories in the air between two blocks of luxury flats. Prices in the building start at one million dollars. (The Verge)

Noam Chomsky: Why America Is the Gravest Threat to World Peace: What, exactly, is the alleged Iranian threat? (AlterNet)

A factor behind Bernie Sanders’ appeal: Changing attitudes toward socialism: The independent Democratic candidate has repeatedly upheld his socialist views throughout his presidential campaign. (The Christian Science Monitor)

Audi is to unveil an electric car to rival Tesla’s forthcoming Model X that the German marque says is capable of travelling at least 310 miles on battery power alone: The Volkswagen-owned carmaker will display the concept, a sport utility vehicle provisionally called the E-Tron Quattro, at next month’s Frankfurt motor show and plans to put it into production in 2018 as its first mainstream electric car. (Financial Times)

An Open Letter to My Future Parents In-Law Who Won’t Attend Our Wedding: Should be mandatory reading for all anti-gay bigots. (Huffington Post)

Republicans Can’t Face the Truth About Iraq: Gov. Jeb Bush repeated one of the biggest falsehoods of our time during the recent presidential candidate debate: “we were misled (into the Iraq War) by faulty intelligence.” US intelligence was not “misled.” It was ordered by the real, de facto president, Dick Cheney, to provide excuses for a war of aggression against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. (The UNZ Review)

Conservative radio host’s comically horrific immigration plan: Let’s reinstitute slavery to build Donald Trump’s wall: “What’s wrong with slavery?” Jan Mickelson asked on a recent radio program. (Salon)

Millennials ‘heart’ Bernie Sanders: Why the young and hip are #FeelingTheBern. (Raw Story)

Sarah Palin Likes Her Men Dumb And Drunk, Like Donald Trump: Watch the Republican Party die a little bit in real time. (Wonkette)

Hillary Refuses to Take a Stance on the Keystone Pipeline: She can’t keep this up for long. (Charles P. Pierce/Esquire)

Donald Trump: Brothers who beat and urinated on Latino man ‘want this country to be great again’: They have a novel way of demonstrating their patriotism, no? Assault he inspired was “a shame” says the xenophobic GOP frontrunner. (Raw Story)

Below, Herman’s Hermits sing “No Milk Today” in 1966:

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Drunk man digs up father’s grave to argue with him
06:49 am

Current Events


Some people just have to have the last word, don’t they? Meet Michael May, a 44-year-old Lincoln, Kentucky resident caught allegedly trying to dig up his late father’s grave in a Baptist cemetery in order to argue with him. YES, in order to settle a score. Because Kentucky?

Sadly, the police report doesn’t say exactly what it was that May wanted to get off his chest and communicate to the deceased.

May was arrested for “violating a grave, public intoxication and possession of marijuana.”

via Wave 3 and Death and Taxes 

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Dangerous Finds: Republican Bloodbath; ‘Deez Nuts’ surges in new GOP poll; Act Two of the Trump Epic
05:22 pm

Current Events


The Republican Party Is Becoming a Bloodbath: Donald Trump is causing conservatives to turn on each other, and it’s not pretty. (New Republic)

CNN/ORC Poll: Donald Trump now competitive in general election: The poll finds Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton ahead of Trump by just 6 points, a dramatic tightening since July when he trailed her by 16 points. (CNN)

The shocking number of new moms who return to work two weeks after childbirth: In the United States, nearly a quarter of employed mothers return to work within two weeks of giving birth, according to a new report from In These Times, a nonprofit magazine, which analyzed data from the Department of Labor and collected stories from mothers who kept working through pain and grief. It’s not because they recover at a supernatural pace. Or because they value their jobs over their babies. They can’t afford not to! (Washington Post)

Walker’s healthcare plan is perfect, if you want almost no insurance at all: Thanks for nothing, Scott Walker! (Los Angeles Times)

The rise of the “self-proclaimed socialist”: Why reporters shouldn’t be so surprised that Bernie Sanders’ appeal is growing. Few Americans embrace socialism, but they don’t have the same hostility to the idea either—especially the young. (Salon)

Oppose the TPP trade deal; support Bernie Sanders: Passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership will complete the transfer of power in America from government to corporations. Everyone who votes for this democracy-killing bill will be complicit in this crime against U.S. citizens. (The Roanoke Times)

Donald Trump has transformed GOP politics – no matter what happens: The future of the businessman’s campaign notwithstanding, his run has reframed the debate on key issues as it limits fellow candidates’ exposure. (The Guardian)

Poll shows Donald Trump leading GOP candidates in North Carolina, followed closely by ‘Deez Nuts’: Because Republicans? (USA Today)

Birmingham, Alabama approves minimum wage increase to $10.10: This is a distinctly un-red state thing to do. What gives? (WIAT)

Act Two of the Trump Epic: We’ve gone far enough now with the Trump political phenomenon to know that it is no mere or momentary matter of name recognition which has placed him as the top contender for the Republican nomination, as bizarre an eventuality as that might appear. He leads all national polls and all polls in the key early primary and caucus states - and by significant margins. And now his positions are becoming the GOP’s positions. Donald Trump is defining the terms of the debate. (Talking Points Memo)

Below, “Franks Kaktus” the latest from Sweden’s amazing Dungen:

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