The Future of Life on Earth and Capitalism: Are they compatible?
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Scientist and Canadian broadcaster David Suzuki’s environmental non-profit foundation works to “design a vision of Earth in which humans live within the planet’s productive capacity.” He’s got a very direct and simple way of explaining what that means, particularly in relation to exponential population growth in a 2010 video that’s only just started to be discovered and passed around.

If you understand the concept of how “compound interest” works, and have even slightly more than half a brain in your head, be prepared to have a deflating “Oh shit…” moment when he gets to the not so amusing punchline.

No matter what your political persuasion might be, there is nothing to gloat over here, I can assure you. Nothing at all!

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I saw Santa being crucified: Have a gawk at the most controversial Christmas decoration in Texas
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Santa Claus

It must have been a quiet day at 6 News when they reported on complaints over the bloody effigy of a crucified Santa Claus, exhibited outside a house in Corpus Christi, Texas. According to a local news report, the nailed-up Santa is being described as offensive and inappropriate by some local residents.

But Aaron Olivares, who created the display, claims his crucified Santa is just “a Christmas ornament.”

“It’s December, it’s Christmas time. It is just a Christmas ornament.”

6 News were not to be so easily fobbed off by such festive excuses, and reporter Heather Jackson probed deeper, wondering if there was not something far more sacrilegious (perhaps even something Satanic?) going on with this bloody-faced, “zombie” Santa, nailed to a cross and topped with a crown of barbwire. But Olivares proved to be intransigent to questioning:

Aaron: “The crown of barbwire? A little more decoration. That is about it.”

Heather: “You never thought about the Jesus reference or..?”

Aaron: “Naw, it really, it didn’t come to me like that, I didn’t see nothing offensive on it…It’s nothing Satanic it is just decorations for Christmas.”

When asked whether it could be construed as being offensive to Christians, Olivares said no, claiming he was religious:

“I’m Christian, I mean there is a God and there is a devil.”

But some local residents do think it is offensive, like Rick Mesa:

“The cross is the big thing. The cross. Santa Claus is you know well, you can put Santa Claus on a hood, put Santa Claus on your roof, put Santa Claus in your yard, why put him on a cross?”

Though some neighbors don’t seem to mind, like Blanca Perelta, who lives directly across the street.

“It doesn’t really bother me. Everyone likes it who brings me home. My friends all joke about it.”

Either way, Aaron Olivares isn’t moved:

“Get out of my yard. If you don’t like it ... don’t drive by here.”

Aaron’s a Gadsden flag in human form. Don’t tread on him! Dude don’t care what you think.

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Racist TV commercial is really… racist!

Hard to believe shit like this is still being made. I mean, what the hell were they thinking?!

Meet “Mr. Wong Fong Shu” aka Jim DeBerry of Definitive Television. He’s shilling for Alabama-based law firm McCutcheon & Hamner. Presumably they approved this. And paid for it!

Nope, you’re just a straight-up asshole, buddy! The entire Internet thinks you’re a cretin. That’s marketing! Not good marketing, mind you, but marketing nonetheless.

HOW could this be any more racist??? (Please don’t answer that!).

Best of all have to be the YouTube comments. Of course this jackass couldn’t help himself and jumped into the fray. He seems to be as preposterously clueless as you might imagine. He also thinks all this attention will be good for his livelihood… in some alternate universe maybe, but not in this one, pal.

UPDATE: McCutcheon & Hamner released this statement to Above the Law

For the past two weeks, we have worked diligently to determine the source of this video. Within hours of first being notified of the commercials existence, we traced the producer to Definitive Television and its owner Jim DeBerry. We insisted that the video be removed and that he disclose the party that allowed my partner and I to be portrayed in such a negative and misleading light. After a personal review of our financial records which conclusively established that this video was not paid for or authorized by any party associated with our law firm, McCutcheon & Hamner, P.C. posted our response specifically disavowing the video as well as issuing a cease and desist letter to Mr. DeBerry and Definitive Television. Of course, Mr. DeBerry has refused and we are currently investigating our legal options. At this time, we have been instructed by our legal counsel to refrain from comment.

BUT WAIT: It gets even dumber! DeBerry thinks he can sue the Above The Law blog for calling his racist commercial racist! You know what they say about how a man who represents himself has a fool for a lawyer? Jim DeBerry deserves a SPECIAL (booby) PRIZE. Good luck suing the entire Internet, Jimbo!

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Dangerous Finds: Artificial eggs made from plants; Gay Africans can get EU asylum; Drunks at a bar
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Dangerous Finds

Florida woman calls 911 to report drunk people at bar - Death and Taxes

Albert Hammond Jr says ‘Courtney Love is full of shit’ - Noisey

Speaking more than one language may delay dementia - USA Today

Boy, 13, suspended for carrying Vera Bradley purse - KLTV

Henry Rollins to star in indie horror-thriller He Never Died - Variety

UK Gov’t losing the plot: Now claiming Snowden leaks could help pedophiles - TechDirt

The Lyme disease battle: True believers and researchers face off over ticks and symptoms - LA Times

Billy Bragg tells artists to blame major labels not Spotify for ‘paltry’ streaming payments - NME

The federal government paid $11.3 million in taxpayer-funded farm subsidies from 1995 to 2012 to 50 billionaires - New York Times

Kapow! Batman, Robin, the Hoff and a Smurf chase Tesco attacker - STV News

Hundreds of tortoises found in luggage at Thai airport -

Glenn Beck urges NY state to secede from NYC before it becomes ‘the next Detroit’ - Gothamist

Arkansas cop tasers woman who refuses to show him her breasts: lawsuit - NY Daily News

‘Artificial egg’ made from PLANTS backed by Bill Gates set to revolutionize cooking goes on sale at Whole Foods - Vegetarian Friend

EU rules that gay Africans are entitled to asylum: A gay refugee from an African country where people are jailed for being a homosexual does qualify for asylum - Telegraph

Legalisation of cannabis motion defeated in Irish Parliament - RTE News

Parisian restaurant has a policy of seating “beautiful people” in view of passersby, while keeping less attractive diners hidden -

Super Typhoon Haiyan, one of strongest storms ever, hits central Philippines - CNN

Skull marked ‘death to paedophiles’ among bones found off French Riviera - The Guardian

Below, a horny parrot REALLY wants a kiss:

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Dangerous Finds: The story of Shudder to Think; Etymology of ‘dude’; The black rhino is extinct
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Dangerous Finds

Hold Back the Road that Goes… The Story of Shudder to Think - Head Medicine

Western black rhino officially declared extinct - 11 Alive

“This is my co-worker’s dog. Seriously.” - reddit

Inside the outrageous world of child cage fighting - Daily Mail

A brief history of video game title designs - Nerdcore

A series of tracks in Oklahoma reveal where a dinosaur most likely slipped and caught itself before continuing on - Scientific American

These abandoned toy factories and shops will haunt your nightmares - io9

Missouri murder conviction based on dreams is tossed - LA Times

Female genital mutilation cases should be treated as child abuse - Huffington Post

Black Flag stream first new album in 28 years - NME

“Dogstep,” a web app that takes any song and adds musically appropriate canine accompaniment - ANIMAL

Testosterone supplements tied to heart attacks, strokes, early death - ABC News

Mystery Solved: The Etymology of “Dude” - Slate

This Breeders song epitomizes the CD era - AV Club

Maine’s largest city approves recreational pot - WCSH

Sarah Harrison joins other Edward Snowden files ‘exiles’ in Berlin: UK journalist’s lawyers advise against returning home after working with NSA whistleblower, says statement on WikiLeaks - The Guardian

Irish Prime Minister has declared his support for gay marriage and promised to campaign for it in a referendum -

Germany wants Snowden to testify on US spying—but in Moscow, not Berlin - Boing Boing

N.J. voters approve constitutional amendment raising minimum wage -

Drug combination therapy causes cancer cells to ‘eat themselves’ - Parent Herald

Below, an insanely accurate South Park episode on dealing with Time Warner Cable:

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Dangerous Finds: Junk island aimed at US; Flesh-eating platypus; New Marvel superhero is Muslim girl
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Current Events

Dangerous Finds

Texas-sized floating island containing one million tonnes of junk from Japan tsunami drifting towards US - The Independent

Two billion planets in our galaxy may be suitable for life - The Guardian

Former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley has slammed Gene Simmons for comparing him and ex-drummer Peter Criss to cancer - Classic Rock Magazine

Watch After the Ball, the 1897 “adult” film by pioneering director Georges Méliès (NSFW-ish) - Open Culture

The world’s least known cat has been caught on camera in a previously unsurveyed rainforest - Science Daily

Man attempts to sell an entire London record shop on eBay - NME

World-famous Scarecrow Video could soon close its doors - Komo News

SLAYER albums to be reissued on vinyl - Blabbermouth

Gas injections used to enhance oil production linked to quakes in the Permian Basin - Nature

Bloodthirsty FLESH-EATING PLATYPUS once terrorised Australia - The Register

Eminem responds to “Rap God” homophobia accusations - Rolling Stone

Marvel Comics introducing a Muslim girl superhero - New York Times

Jimi Hendrix on PBS ‘American Masters’: Taking a rock legend seriously - EW

30 of the most powerful images ever - Bored Panda

Kofi Annan: Stop ‘war on drugs’ - CNN

Raymond Loewy: the man who designed everything - The Verge

Florida cop fired after he sexually harassed a rape victim while investigating her assault - Salon

China discovers that pollution makes it really hard to spy on people - Quartz

Hepatitis C, a silent killer, meets its match - New York Times

Eye-opening portraits of living conditions for animals in zoos - My Modern Met

Charlie Trotter, famed Chicago chef, found dead in home - Chicago Tribune

In Colombia, no sex till the road’s fixed - Global Post

Goodwill caught selling donors’ personal information - WTHR

Police dogs get pensions in Nottinghamshire, UK, but some taxpayers protest plan - Latin Post

Gut bacteria may cause rheumatoid arthritis - Science Mag

Below, best winner EVER on The Price Is Right:

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Dangerous Finds: Patti Smith mourns Lou Reed; Nick Cardy RIP; Billy Corgan buys TNA Wrestling?
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Dangerous Finds

Nick Cave watches The Saints perform at the Tiger Room, Melbourne, 1977. Image via Suicide Watch.

A bone found in a garden in Suffolk belongs to what has been described as “the scariest animal that has ever lived in the sea” - BBC News

Patti Smith pays tribute to Lou Reed - New Yorker

Johnson & Johnson has agreed to pay more than $2.2 billion to resolve criminal and civil allegations that the company promoted powerful psychiatric drugs for unapproved uses in children, seniors and disabled patients - Big Story

Starfish are dying in huge numbers from a gruesome wasting disease - The Verge

80-year-old man survives after falling off a cliff while fighting a bear - TIME

Kylie Minogue joins Nick Cave on stage in London for duet - NME

Uncensored Instagrams from North Korea buck brutal trend of secrecy - Wired

Kuwaiti woman arrested in Saudi Arabia for driving her diabetic father to hospital - The Independent

Mass killings can haunt elephants for decades - Science Mag

Billy Corgan in talks to purchase TNA Wrestling - Consequence of Sound

50 incredibly tough books for extreme readers - FlavorWire

Nick Cardy, a revered and influential comic book artist known best for his DC Comics work in the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s, passed away Sunday at age 93 - CBR

Morrissey’s autobiography audiobook to be read by David Morrissey of The Walking Dead - Pitchfork

Herbal supplements are often not what they seem - New York Times

NSA, GCHQ among worst surveillance offenders, Snowden says - CNN

Dissident poet Joseph Brodsky gives life tips to college grads (1988) - Open Culture

1.8 tonnes of ivory found in Chinese home in Tanzania - Wildlife News

CIA made doctors torture suspected terrorists after 9/11 - The Guardian

Lamenting Madagascar’s last lonely lemurs - Global Post

Even in the dark, brain “sees” its own body’s movement - Vanderbilt University

Below, an absolutely wonderful useless dog trick:

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Virtual child traps online pedophiles
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Terre des Hommes

Terre des Hommes—an international charity which concentrates on children’s rights based in the Netherlands—has created a virtual 10-year-old girl “from the Philippines” named “Sweetie.” 

Sweetie was designed to track down—and hopefully convict—online pedophiles who use “webcam child sex tourism.”

I’m not sure where Terre des Hommes got these numbers, but they state at any given moment there are least 750,000 pedophiles online. That’s a staggering number of nonces with webcams, IMO.

Warning: This video may be upsetting to some viewers.

Via reddit

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Dangerous Finds: Jesus, meet Britney Spears; Food stamps cuts start; Brief stay for new Dr. Who?
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Current Events

Dangerous Finds

Who’s Next? New Doctor Peter Capaldi may stay just 13 episodes -

This is what the decrease in food stamp benefits means for your state - BuzzFeed

Meet the American nomads of Walmart’s plentiful parking lots - Wired

T. rex grew beefier than museum fossils suggest - Nature

Japan likely to pass new secrecy law that would put whistleblowers and journalists in jail - TechDirt

Student sent home because black Jesus costume made teachers uncomfortable - Awfbase

Mishaps and deaths caused by surgical robots going underreported to FDA - PBS

Germany may invite Edward Snowden as witness in NSA inquiry - The Guardian

Blind woman, 67, faces eviction after land sold for $43 - Chicago Tribune

Third sex now legal in Germany: Newborns now not considered boy nor girl - Parent Herald

Pacific Ocean ‘warming 15 times faster than ever before’ - The Independent

Stream of reports say Pakistani Taliban leader died in drone strike - New York Times

Infected ‘zombees’ in San Francisco may help scientists understand honey bee decline - Huffington Post

New musical SPEARS will tell story of Jesus Christ through Britney Spears songs - NME

Marijuana smokers may get high—taxes - USA Today

What your dog’s tail wagging tells you about his emotions - The Independent

Below, “My Little Pony: Friendship is Manly”:

Video via Metafilter

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Dangerous Finds: Satanic toys; Laurie Anderson’s tribute to Lou Reed; Bats caused SARS?
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Current Events

Dangerous Finds

Happy Halloween!
Bats confirmed as SARS origin - CSIRO and more here

Former Brazilian footballer’s head left on his doorstep - CNN

Mr. Show: “Monster Parties; Fact or Fiction?” - YouTube

Read Laurie Anderson’s tribute to Lou Reed - East Hampton Star CoS

House Republicans announce how many days they’ll work next year (hint: not very many) - Daily Kos

Seven insane minutes of people explaining how ‘80s toys are satanic - io9

Switzerland is ‘worst place to make friends’ -

Time Warner Cable on Thursday reported the steepest quarterly loss of television subscribers in its history - New York Times

Japan’s coastal hunts for small cetaceans not sustainable: Pursuit of whale, dolphin and porpoise species should be phased out - The Guardian

Youth minister charged with sex crime against child - ABC

Seattle police are handing out speeding tickets not only to drivers, but to bicyclists - Seattle Times

‘Fig leaf coming soon’: Church replies to ‘penis-shaped’ comments after picture goes viral - The Independent

Staphylococcus δ-toxin induces allergic skin disease by activating mast cells - Nature

Halloween mixes from Death Waltz Recording Co. - Boing Boing

26 Halloween costume ideas from an 1887 guide to fancy dress - Mental Floss

Below, The Specials perform “Ghost Town” on Top of the Pops:

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