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‘A Christian Girl’s Problem’: Lois Ayres and Gleaming Spires
07:35 pm


Lois Ayres
Greg Dark. Gleaming Spires

The Gleaming Spires were a Sparks-related group of mid 80s New Wave-sters who had a local Los Angeles radio hit called “Are You Ready for the Sex Girls?” The tune is a perennial favorite on various artists New Wave compilations, but I always liked this song, “A Christian Girl’s Problem,” better.

I was just reading on the House of Self Indulgence blog that this song was part of the soundtrack for Greg Dark’s moody/mock doc 80s fuckflix classic, The Devil in Miss Jones 3, starring punky porn icon Lois Ayres. That makes sense.

Via House of Self Indulgence

Posted by Richard Metzger
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