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Artist Max Hattler’s animation ‘AANAATT’
06:52 pm


Max Hattler

After a 3 year wait, artist Max Hattler’s beautiful animation AANAATT is now available on-line. Made in collaboration with musician Jemapur, AANAATT has been described as:

“...a classic in the field of Visual Music, and a unique example of creative ingenuity and elegant design.” - Robert Darroll

“An exciting experiment in the tradition of Oskar Fischinger (Komposition in Blau, 1935), Dwinell Grant (Composition No. 1, 1940) and Slavko Vorkapich (Abstract Experiment in Kodachrome, 1950s).” - Anton Fuxjäger

Hattler’s AANAATT explores:

“A strange world where experience, both familiar and unfamiliar, is cut-up, upside-down and otherwise displaced, as modernist shapes move and construct themselves in almost organic ways. AANAATT, a 2008 music video from artist Max Hattler is a sublime stop-motion animation that hearkens back to 40′s and 50′s abstract films through its geneological exploration of shape and movement with music.” - Jason Sondhi

Discover more of Max Hattler’s work here.

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