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Behold a disturbing dollhouse-sized nude and hairy vintage Burt Reynolds figure
02:59 pm
Behold a disturbing dollhouse-sized nude and hairy vintage Burt Reynolds figure

A vintage dollhouse-sized figure of Burt Reynolds striking his famous pose as seen in Cosmopolitan magazine in 1972.
Today my dear Dangerous Minds readers you are going to get an eyeful of a tiny reproduction of Burt Reynolds’ famous Cosmopolitan spread, where the then 36-year-old actor posed nude on a bearskin rug. According to Burt, he now regrets the decision and recalls that to work up the courage to lose his clothes for the shoot he got completely plastered before becoming the first man in history to get naked for a major magazine.

Usually, decisions made after getting “zonkered” as Reynolds so eloquently put it and then taking off your clothes while there are cameras around often doesn’t end well. But this was simply not the case when it comes to the image of Mr. Reynolds that forever set the bar for nude photography at the highest possible level when it comes to the unbridled beauty of a hunky, hairy, naked man looking right at home on top of a bearskin rug made from the hide of a bear that he had presumably killed himself. Now that’s a man. But as usual, I’ve digressed a bit from the point of this post which is my recent discovery that a tiny reproduction of this blessed event exists—and can be yours for the low-low price of $314.99.

According to the information in the eBay listing for little Burt, the dollhouse-sized figure is likely made of porcelain or bisque and just over five inches long. It also includes an inscription, probably added by the maker of the figure, one “Joy #22” (if that is, in fact, her real name). The figure is said to be in excellent condition despite the fact that it’s probably 30-40 years old. Little Burt is slightly less tan than his real-life doppelgänger but is nicely covered with hair that looks to be entirely too real.

Buy it today and keep hairy little Burt prisoner in your own dollhouse. It could be therapeutic?

I’ve included photos from the listing below and even though this isn’t really Burt Reynolds in the nude, it’s still slightly NSFW.


Little Burt’s hairy legs.


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02:59 pm
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