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Boyfriend twin: ‘Because what’s sexier than dating yourself?’
10:25 am


Boyfriend twin: ‘Because what’s sexier than dating yourself?’

Couples that look alike can be a little weird. Couples that dress alike can be kind of creepy. Couples that look and dress exactly alike kind of terrify/fascinate me. I think it’s a combination of my general aversion to matchy-matchy cutesy couples stuff, compounded with my science-fiction instilled fear of dopplegangers. Or maybe it’s because I’m a straight lady and it’s just never crossed my mind that I could resemble a boyfriend very closely?

The tagline of the Tumblr is, “because what’s sexier than dating yourself?” but I don’t think, as a friend of mine suggested, that this is an expression of narcissism. If anything, it appears to be a loving gesture of selfless devotion. But damn some of these couples are just uncanny. The attention to detail is astounding, right down to accessories, and what appears to be coordinated eyebrow grooming. At the same time… there is an element of sweetness to this kind of commitment that I can’t ignore. Can something be adorable and terrifying at the same time? Like the Rabbit of Caerbannog? My verdict is ultimately “awww, that’s sweet,” but then again, I’m hopelessly sentimental, even under the most unorthodox of conditions. Mazel Tov, you crazy kids!








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