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Check out the new Doctor Who’s old punk band, The Dreamboys
10:33 pm


Doctor Who
Peter Capaldi

The Dreamboys
Capaldi, unmistakeable, bottom left, and Craig Ferguson top right
55-year-old native Glaswegian Peter Capaldi is Doctor Who number twelve! While Tom Baker will always be my first Doctor (you never forget your first!), Capaldi could definitely be in the running for the coolest Doctor.

After moving to Edinburgh in 1980, Peter Capaldi fronted a Scottish punk band called The Dreamboys (with The Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson on drums, no less). It’s all very overdriven and shambolic (with a crudeness emphasized by a cheap record player and probably wonky vinyl), but check out the (totally catchy) tunes below, “Outer Limits,” “Shall We Dance,” and “Bela Lugosi’s Birthday.” It can be a bit like The Damned one minute, with echoes of The Jesus and Mary Chain the next- all bodes well for the next Doctor!



Via Noisey

Posted by Amber Frost



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