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Conclusive evidence that the Sixties are dead: The Jefferson Starship
05:17 am

Pop Culture


Is that Estelle Getty of The Golden Girls on the lower left?
This performance by The Jefferson Starship looks like a musical number from one of those shitty LSD exploitation flicks from the Sixties…Mantis In Lace or The Love-Ins. Or the recent Broadway revival of Hair. Sad thing is Paul Kantner and Marty Balin are actually involved with this travesty. Shameless.

When singer Cathy Richardson isn’t replicating a surf bunny version of Grace Slick, she morphs into Janis Joplin for what remains of Big Brother and the Holding Company. She’s the go-to girl for hippie bands that seem to have lost all sense of what the Sixties were all about. Gotta revolution? I don’t think so. These fuckers are zombies. Someone shoot ‘em in the head.

Posted by Marc Campbell
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