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Cowboy boot roller skates are a thing
11:26 am
Cowboy boot roller skates are a thing

I have this thing with hatin’ on shoes here on Dangerous Minds. Previous examples of my shoe-hating posts include: The worst f*cking shoes on the planet: Cowboy sandal boots and The second worst f*cking shoes on the planet: Basketball shoe cowboy boots.

Maybe it’s just that I dislike any sort of cowboy boot mash-up shoes? I have nothing against cowboy boots—I don’t personally wear them—but there’s something about adding an additional (and uncalled for) new element to the boot that doesn’t jive with me.

For instance, cowboy boot roller skates. Maybe I’m wrong here and these are the best creations ever. But I don’t think I’m wrong, though. They’ve got shitty theme restaurant uniform written all over them, amirite?

If you’ve just gotta own a pair of these boots, then will turn some cowboy boots into roller skates for you. The site is currently under construction. You can visit their Facebook page and contact them there about purchasing and pricing.




via Geekologie

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Posted by Tara McGinley
11:26 am
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