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David Bowie with a moustache, 1966
12:57 pm


David Bowie
unlikely moustaches

No, not here, in the video…

Cor blimey! David Bowie with a bleedin’ moustache? Even if it’s a fake one, he’s the LAST guy in the world I would have expected to sport facial hair (at least until that regrettable “Tin Machine” era goatee).

Is there a never-ending supply of previously rare David Bowie material out there? Sure seems like it. Here’s the video for “Rubber Band,” the third single from his David Bowie album on Deram Records, 1966. This is, of course, when Bowie was heavily into his twee Anthony Newley phase. Some people don’t like this material. Not me, I find Bowie’s early work absolutely charming and play it often. How I wish there was a video for “The Laughing Gnome.”

Via Bedazzled/Thank you Tony Dicola!


Posted by Richard Metzger
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