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Don’t f*ck with firemen: Riot cops foamed knee-deep by protesting firefighters
01:42 pm

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Some Belgian firemen reading the riot act to some riot cops on Monday during a protest against fire department budget cuts.

Belgian firemen were protesting against national budget cuts for the fire department in Brussels on Monday. Firemen from all the country gathered in front of Prime Minister’s office with fire trucks and blocked traffic in Brussels’ ring road. They burned tyres in the streets and sprayed water and foam towards police guarding the protest. At some point police officers stood knee-deep in foam on the street. Talks are ongoing on the ministerial level on the new Belgian budget, and firemen are protesting against cuts in their insurance benefits and insufficient staffing.

It’s a real disconnect to see firemen acting against cops. What’s also notably odd about this clip is how stoic the riot police are. If this happened in America, there would have been shots fired, guaranteed.

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Posted by Tara McGinley
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