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Dr. Feelgood with Wilko Johnson raw and live in Finland, 1975
05:24 pm


Dr. Feelgood
Wilko Johnson

Despite choosing not to submit himself to chemotherapy as a treatment for his terminal pancreatic cancer, Wilko Johnson is not going quietly into that dark night. The former Dr. Feelgood lead guitar player will be doing a series of sold-out farewell gigs in England. That’s one hell of a way to say “fuck you” to cancer and quite a testimony to Johnson’s love of music.

If you haven’t been seduced by the tightly wound rhythm and blues of Dr. Feelgood, here’s a video of the band live that was broadcast on Finnish TV in 1975 that will show you why the band was embraced not only by fans of r&b, but punks as well. The audio is a bit thin, but you’ll get the idea. Includes an interview with a very young Wilko and lead singer Lee Brilleaux.

Posted by Marc Campbell



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