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Giant yellow reptile brings pedophiles to justice
05:20 pm



Tricky People featuring Yello Dyno, a pedophile-hunting, sunglass-wearing, jive-talking, yellow dinosaur who at times sounds like a mashup of Divine and Stepin Fetchit, is an instructional video for kids on how to deal with child molesters.

Part soap opera, Female Trouble, Barney-esque kiddie show and Dragnet, the video’s heart is in the right place but there are moments when the creep factor is exceptionally high, including some disturbing scenes where the message gets muddled in the kind of voyeurism that, despite its cautionary aspects, might be guilty of a little too much trickiness of its own.

Tricky People has popped up as a short clip on the Everything Is Terrible website, but we’ve got perv bashing hero Yello Dyno in all of his full-length badassness.

Posted by Marc Campbell
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