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Good Morning Mr. Orwell: 1984 live TV experiment with Cage,Ginsberg,Dali,Paik,etc
02:59 pm


John Cage
Name June Paik

On new years day 1984 25 million people (myself included) throughout the world tuned in to PBS to watch video art pioneer Nam June Paik’s pleasantly shambolic live experiment Good Morning, Mr. Orwell featuring the likes of John Cage, Allen Ginsberg, Phillip Glass, Salvador Dali, Laurie Anderson and other usual suspects. All hosted by a bemused and mildy annoying George Plimpton. The full version of this was once up on the mighty Ubuweb but has mysteriously disappeared, so I bring you as many fragments of said program as I could find. Watching this in retrospect it comes off as perhaps the last 60’s style large scale “happening” featuring some of that era’s major hitters and is of course very quaint seeming “We’re linking New York to Paris on live TV !”, still very enjoyable to watch.
John Cage/Joseph Beuys


Allen Ginsberg (with Arthur Russell on ‘cello !)


Charlotte Moorman


Merce Cunningham/Salvador Dali

Laurie Anderson/ Peter Gabriel

Oingo Boingo (natch)

Much thanks to Dave Madden

Posted by Brad Laner
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