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Grace Slick sings about her period in ‘Would You Like a Snack?’ (with Frank Zappa)
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Frank Zappa
Grace Slick

Grace Slick wanted Frank Zappa to produce the Jefferson Airplane’s fourth album, Crown of Creation, but he was too busy at the time doing his own thing. They must’ve gotten beyond the discussion phase, however, because one number was put on tape at RCA Studios in Hollywood, the avant garde oddity, “Would You Like A Snack”  a freeform freakout with a multi-tracked Slick singing about getting her period and oral sex.

Zappa was credited at the June 5, 1968 session at RCA Studios in Hollywood as the “leader” and shares songwriting credit with Slick. Also present were Mothers Ian Underwood on piano & woodwinds, Don Preston on keyboards and Art Tripp on drums & percussion.

The track was first released on the Jefferson Airplane Loves You box set in 1992

Posted by Richard Metzger



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