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Jesus appears in the Aurora Borealis
01:20 pm


Jesus Christ
Aurora Borealis
Jesus appears in the Aurora Borealis

What appears to some to be the figure of Jesus Christ has been spotted in the Northern Lights over Iceland.

Local headmaster Jón Hilmarsson was encouraged to photograph the glow-in-the-dark Jesus by his ten-year-old son. The image captured is said to have “an uncanny resemblance” to the Art Deco Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Mr. Hilmarsson told Metro newspaper:

‘This was the most beautiful and vivid northern light display I have ever seen. We usually see green auroras but that night I saw bright green, red and purple colour, which is very unusual. Many people see the shape of Christ but also an angel formation.’

If you look closely, screw your eyes up and turn your head to 45 degrees you’ll see… ah fuck it.. it’s just the Aurora Borealis. Come on!
H/T Metro.

Posted by Paul Gallagher
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