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Kinks feud continues: ‘You’re not a genius. You’re a fucking arsehole.’
01:13 pm


Ray Davies
Dave Davies

You’ve really got to hand it to Dave Davies: neither a stroke, nor advanced age, has seemed to mellow the former Kinks guitarist’s… intense hatred for his older brother, Ray. If this new interview from the Daily Mail is anything to go by (!) don’t expect the famously feuding Muswell hillbillies to reform the Kinks anytime soon, if ever. This is classic!

“The last time we were all together was at my 50th birthday party.

Ray had the money and I didn’t, so he offered to throw it for me.

‘Just as I was about to cut the cake, Ray jumped on the table and made a speech about how wonderful he was. He then stamped on the cake.”

A Kinks reunion? Never! Not since my brother Ray stamped on my 50th birthday cake (Daily Mail)

Below, a clip of Dave Davies performing “Death of a Clown,” a song about the great Stan Laurel of Laurel and Hardy fame. From the Kinks LP, Something Else.

Thank you Chris Campion of Berlin, Germany!


Posted by Richard Metzger
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