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Lemmy Kilmister gets ambushed by three of his ex’s on TV in the late 90s
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Lemmy Kilmister gets ambushed by three of his ex’s on TV in the late 90s

Lemmy being Lemmy back in the day with a few of his close, personal friends.
In this brief clip from an interview Lemmy did in the late 90s on the short-lived British TV program, The Girlie Show (which you can see it its entirety, here), Lem got asked about the number of women he had slept with in his lifetime, to which the mighty Motörhead bassist replied “thousands” (though the man himself has usually put the number somewhere in the neighborhood of one thousand). I’m not going to get all hung up on numbers (I hate them), or even attempt to dispute either claim because despite the moles and his unconventional looks, Lemmy was one charming and intelligent son-of-a-bitch. Note to all you aspiring wannabe ass-wranglers—watch Lemmy and learn.

Lemmy on the set of the ‘The Girlie Show’ back in the late 90s.

Lemmy and Kelly Johnson of Girlschool.
Then one of the show’s hosts, Sarah Cawood, throws a curveball at the always affable Lemmy when she ambushes him with a visit from three of his ex-girlfriends including Girlschool guitarist Kelly Johnson (during the segment Cawood refers to her as the “love of Lemmy’s life”). Johnson and Girlschool collaborated with Lemmy back in 1980 calling themselves “Headgirl” and recorded a cover of “Please Don’t Touch” (originally recorded in 1959 by one of Lemmy’s favorite bands, UK group Johnny Kidd & the Pirates) as an A-side to the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre EP. The B-side featured Girlschool’s cover of Motörhead’s 1979 track, “Bomber” and Motörhead’s recording of the Girlschool single “Emergency” from 1980.

I’m pretty sure that some of us would rather take our chances dodging cars and suicidal bike messengers hurtling down a city street, if it meant avoiding an unexpected run in with an ex on the same sidewalk—but not Lemmy. It’s an endearing time capsule that shows once again how beloved he was, even by the legions of women he left behind in his heavy metal wake. In addition to Lemmy’s long-lost love reunion, I’ve also posted the ripping performance of “Please Don’t Touch” by Girlschool and Lem (who’s wearing a suit and tie no less) from Top of the Pops in February of 1981 that must be listened to at the loudest possible volume.

Lemmy Kilmister meeting three of his ex-girlfriends on UK television program, ‘The Girlie Show.’

Girlschool and Lemmy performing a cover of ‘Please Don’t Touch’ on ‘Top of the Pops,’ February 1981.

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