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‘Little Red Riding Hood’ wittily reimagined in the styles of great Modernist painters
10:12 am
‘Little Red Riding Hood’ wittily reimagined in the styles of great Modernist painters

Jean Huet was a French cartoonist/animator who drew under the name “Jean Ache.” He was best known for a 1950s strip called “Arabelle la Derniere Sirene,” about a mermaid given legs by a plastic surgeon and her adventures with her pet monkey. Evidently fond of the letter “A,” he also drew strips titled “Archibald” and “Amanda.”

Like rather a lot of name French cartoonists of his day, Ache was associated with the weekly (later monthly) comics periodical Pilote, probably best known outside France for launching Asterix and Obelix, which ran his strips and one-offs, including this wonderful series from 1974—seven re-imaginings of “Little Red Riding Hood” after the signature styles of great 19th and 20th Century Modernist painters. Ache passed in 1985, and Pilote went by the wayside in 1989.

Clicking an image spawns a higher res version. Sorry about it being in French, but I assume you know the story well enough.

After Georgio de Chirico

After Joan Miró

After Henri Rousseau

After Pablo Picasso

After Bernard Buffet

After Fernand Léger

After Piet Mondrian

Via Exist Yesterday

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10:12 am
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