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‘Metástasis.’ the Spanish-language remake of ‘Breaking Bad’
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Breaking Bad
‘Metástasis.’ the Spanish-language remake of ‘Breaking Bad’

Colombian Walter White
The explosive success of Breaking Bad was bound to generate some copycats shows, but Spanish language media company Univision took it a step further, decided to cut out all those pesky middlemen (I think they’re called “writers”), and do a direct Spanish language remake. The Univision version will be set in Colombia and called Metástasis, the term for the spread of cancer- I assume “breaking bad” doesn’t really translate. The project seems intent on keeping every iconographic piece of the show they can, down to “Walter Blanco” (yes, really) in his famous white briefs. They even named his wife “Cielo Blanco”- “Cielo” being Spanish for “sky.”

Of course, some things will have to change to make sense to Univision audiences. The RV that houses Walt’s first meth lab will be replaced by a school bus, since RVs aren’t common in Colombia. Honestly, though? I feel like the context of the show is so American that an RV is going to be the least of their plot problems. Colombia’s relationship with drugs is, to say the least, very different from drug culture in the U.S. So much of the show’s premise is based on U.S. drug wars, especially our border with Mexico and our DEA. Colombia has already decriminalized cocaine and marijuana, and are arguably on their way to doing the same with meth.

Still, I’m really curious about how this will turn out. I may have to tune in just to see a Colombian Saul Goodman!
Breaking Bad cast Colombia

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Posted by Amber Frost
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