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Mindblowing psychedelia from Thailand
03:07 pm


Khun Narin Phin Sing
Mindblowing psychedelia from Thailand

Phin player.
Thai musical congregation Khun Narin Phin Sing, from the Phetchabun Province, conjures up some mystical vibes in their indescribably beautiful psychedelia.

Google translates the song title and YouTube uploader quite trippingly as “Khun Narin Racing Harp” posted by “Melting The Drug.”

The spacey guitar sound is emanating from a phin, which is a type of two to three-stringed lute popular in Thailand and Laos.

Khun Narin Phin Sing have a Facebook page. Visit it and implore them to come to your town or city now. Or at least release an album.

Thanks to Joey Zarda.

Posted by Marc Campbell
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