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Miss USA contestants sound off on Darwin being taught in the classroom
01:26 pm


We're doomed

As I was watching this clip of the 2011 Miss USA pageant contestants sounding off about the issue of whether or not evolution should be taught in schools, I had the reaction that I think most intelligent people would also have: “Who gives a shit what these pretty pinheads think? Why am I watching this?” (Maybe someone at the pageant has an offbeat sense of humor?)

Not all, but nearly all of them equivocate furiously on the matter. They basically say nothing at all, in other words, but even THAT often comes out in a garbled logic word salad that’s somewhat amusing to watch. Nearly all of them sound just like Sarah Palin!

Beauty and no brains = not very attractive in my book. Only two of the contestants said they believed in evolution, winner Alyssa Campanella from California and Alida D’Angona from Massachusetts.

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Posted by Richard Metzger
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