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Muscle Rock: The tone-deaf body-builder rock ‘n’ roll heroics of THOR!!!
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Muscle Rock: The tone-deaf body-builder rock ‘n’ roll heroics of THOR!!!

Jon Mikl Thor made one of the campiest attempts at a rocker persona that I’m personally familiar with—and that includes my beloved Handsome Dick Manitoba and New York Dolls. A former Canadian bodybuilder (and onetime Mr. USA), Jon Mikl Thor decided to parlay his, er, natural stage presence into a musical career, fronting for the band THOR in 1973.

As you can see in the clip below, Thor was quite the strongman showman, joking in between interludes before his feat of strength—blowing up a hot water bottle until it pops. He also allowed cinder blocks to be sledgehammered to bits off his chest and bent steel bars with his teeth. What he (seriously!) lacks in the “vocal chops” department, he more than makes up for with his bad art damage… (This is sure as hell much, much worse than that Violinksi clip Richard posted earlier today. I see your puny Violinski and raise you one THOR covering “Action” by The Sweet!)

This appearance 1976 appearance on The Merv Griffin Show was right before THOR (what else could they have been called, eh?) released their debut album, Keep the Dogs Away. The consummate performer, ever since Thor has been touring, releasing albums, performing rock operas and acting in some truly entertaining zombie movies, like the insane Zombie Nightmare as famously seen on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

This is what might’ve happened to Arnold Schwarzenegger in a parallel universe… He comes off like the character Matthew McConaughey played in Dazed and Confused after he’s gotten a job as a Chippendale’s dancer. To be fair, the enjoyment of Thor might have been heavily aided by drugs—the dude was way more about showmanship than music, to put it lightly.

Keep Thursday holy and celebrate with Thor!

Posted by Amber Frost
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