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Movies For Crass: Mick Duffield’s Christ: The Movie
04:20 pm


Mike Duffield
Christ: The Movie

While there’s little actual live footage of anarchist agit-propsters Crass floating around online (see bottom for a rare example), there’s plenty of available footage from Christ: The Movie, the collection of experimental shorts put together by Crass collective member, Mike Duffield.  As All Movie says of the shorts:

They were designed to be shown on-stage during Crass’ live performances.  The films are accompanied by music the group recorded for their album Yes Sir, I Will, a 1983 polemic on the ideas and realities behind the War in the Falklands.

As with most things Crass, some of it’s harsh, some of it’s lovely, and the transitions between the two come whiplash fast.  Christ: The Movie Part V (the more music-heavy clip) follows, with links to the other clips below:

Rare Crass live footage:

Christ: The Movie, Part I, II, III, IV, VI, VII, VIII, IX

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Posted by Bradley Novicoff
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