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No Future for You: McDonald’s Cash Register Playset, a Toys’R'Us exclusive!
12:42 pm

Class War

Bain Capital

Make of this what you will…

The “Just Like Home” McDonald’s Cash Register 10 Piece Playset features a working cash register where you can hear your menu selections. Includes playfood, and a drive thru playset with headset with real working intercom and McDonald’s play money.

Toys’R’Us exclusive Just Like Home pretend play kitchens, grocery and restaurant toy play sets give your kids everything they need to become the next great celebrity or reality show super chef!

Or perhaps your child will aspire to become the a part of the growing minimum wage fastfood industry. Seven in ten jobs of the next decade will come from low wage sectors, so train ‘em now for that dead-end job that won’t even provide a living wage, that they’ll be LUCKY to get!

Forget “gender specific toys” and all of that stuff: What kind of fucked up message does this toy send? (“This is your lot in life, kid. Get used to it”?)

Serfdom USA. No surprise that Toys’R’Us is owned by Bain Capital.

Via Alternet

Posted by Richard Metzger
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