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‘Rebel’: First rap song to come out of Egypt since revolution began
06:28 pm

Egyptian rappers Arabian Knightz have released the first rap song to come out of Egypt since the revolution began.

Arabian Knightz member Rush posted this message on Facebook before Egyptian authorities pulled the plug on the Internet.

“Certain indie artists have already released songs against the oppression and those songs were used on video campaigns [as of the Jan. 25 march], called the “Day of Anger.” Some of us went down to the streets to take part on the 25th. And some of us are now in the studios doing tracks about it to make sure peoples fire of revolution doesn’t get put out by fear.”

According to Revolt Radio this track was released quickly and is still a rough track:

Due, to the uncertainty of the communications situation in Egypt right now, Arabian Knightz have opted to release the raw, unmixed track because they need the world to hear their message. As of right now, they are the voice for the people of Egypt.

So here it is, the first communique to come out of those studios in Cairo. Proof that you can’t stop the music! Revolutions come out of the barrels of subwoofers and microphones. Keep the fires burning Arabian Knightz.

Thanks to Exile On Moan Street for the heads up. Also, thanks to Gamermanni for the photo collage.

Posted by Marc Campbell
06:28 pm



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