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Vile Republican policies set the stage for socialist revolution in America

If you can watch this without feeling really (really) shitty about what America has become—or just sobbing—then you must be a fucking Republican.

I was so enraged when I watched this that I felt like my teeth were going to break. (Florida governor Rick Scott can thank his lucky stars he was not in my office at the time. The nicest thing I’d like to do to him is spit right in his face).

ONE QUARTER of American children are living in poverty. In the richest country in the history of the world.

One out of four. HOW is this possible? (Hint: It has a lil’ sumpthin’ sumpthin’ to do with the top 1% having most of the wealth and wealth-producing assets and the entire system being rigged for their exclusive benefit. You can probably work the rest of it out yourself.)

It’s not for some “mysterious” reasons that we’re in this situation. The people who decided to give the super-rich tax cuts while these kids got doomed to such impoverished childhoods HAVE FIRST AND LAST NAMES.


23.7 trillion dollars for Wall Street and fuck all for these kids?

They don’t vote. Yet.

These kids aren’t dumb, imagine what attitudes they’re going to have towards “the system” (and Republicans!) in another decade? Could even the most callous free-marketeer blame them?

They are being shaped now. Their eyes seem wide open to me.

It’s almost funny—-I said “almost”—to ponder that it’s the likes of “conservatives” Rick Scott, Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, Michigan governor Rick Synder—-NOT TO MENTION THE ENTIRE REPUBLICAN PARTY—who history will see as being the ones who set in motion the policies that saw a generation of American children raised in Dickensian poverty. Polices that, historically, will be seen to have set the stage for inevitable socialist uprising in America. (Doubt what I am saying? Let’s talk again in 2021, ‘kay?).

If even 60 Minutes is running stories like this one, how much longer will it take before there are massive demonstrations and rioting in the streets?

This country needs another WPA like it did in during the FIRST Great Depression and it needed it three years ago. I don’t know about where you live, but here in Los Angeles, the roads sure have a hell of a lot of potholes that need fixing (it’s becoming a disgrace). Do you reckon that the fathers of any of these children would turn a state roads job down?

How much longer can the center hold? Is it even worth it to try to keep it together any longer?

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Posted by Richard Metzger
02:40 pm



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