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Rick Grossman: Hot Romance
12:33 pm


Private Press
Hot Romance
Rick Grossman

Despite the fact that I found this private press gem on the derogatorily named blog Glorify The Turd, and the cover art is a masterpiece of mid 70’s delusional douchebaggery, I can’t get this damn song out of my head ! Sure, dude can’t really sing and the show-offy guitar licks are wildly out of place with the wobbly rhythm section but this really puts me in the mind of the breezily casual messed up tunes of Kevin Ayers or even the Kinks. Plus: The song is called Mellow Heaven Clout, which must be one of the hippest song titles I’ve ever heard. And those spring reverb hand claps ! Play on repeat until happy.

Posted by Brad Laner
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