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Rosy Rosy and The Inner Space: the roots of Can and krautrock
02:44 am

Rosemary Heinikel is a German actress, singer, soft core porn model and writer who, in the late 1960s, was an integral part of the German hippie subculture and krautrock music scene. As Rosy Rosy, Heinikel sang with Guru Guru and The Inner Space.  In 1969, The Inner Space,  Irwin Schmidt, Michael Karoli, Holger Czukay and Jaki Liebezeit, changed their name to Can.

In the videos collected here, Rosy and The Inner Space perform “I’m Holding My Nightingale” in the German film Kamasutra (1969) and provide the soundtrack for the film Agilok And Blubbo (1968), which includes the Nico-esque “Kamera Song’.

‘Kamera Song’s’  ‘Sunday Morning’ xylophonics drop like two-megaton teardrops around the vocals of actress Rosemarie Heinikel, here credited with her diva alter-ego, ‘Rosy-Rosy.’ The sleeve of the single features a still of Rosy-Rosy from the film and the provenance of her name is immediately obvious as she is depicted holding a machine gun while her pair of abundant breasts make her neckline not only plunging, but altogether insufficient in their attempt to modestly corral her assets. Her vocals are coy and cooing in German until she switches to bleating out slang English slogans such as “Mama!,” “Stop the war!,” “Make peace!” and “Cheese!” over Holger’s red-armed-hot-from-Vietnam bass strummin’ und drangin’ in the aggressive chorus.” The Seth Man.




Posted by Marc Campbell
02:44 am
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