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‘Sexy’ knitted elephant and snake underwear. For men.
11:51 am


‘Sexy’ knitted elephant and snake underwear. For men.

Too bad it’s getting warm outside as I almost considered buying these cozy-looking elephant and snake underwear for my husband. Okay, I’m full of shit. I never considered these as an option. (And I don’t think he would wear them. Maybe?) However, I find them mildly amusing to gawk at. I can’t imagine anyone wearing these with a straight face, but I suspect that’s not really the point.

Etsy shop WarmPresents makes these sausage packers if you’re interested in owning a pair.

Now prior to this discovery, I didn’t know these cock warmer underwear were “a thing”. But. They. Are. So I added a few others I’ve found on the Internet in a similar, er… vein of the elephant and snake.






via Incredible Things and h/t Everlasting Blort

Posted by Tara McGinley
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