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Six-year-old performs totally brutal heavy metal mic check
08:24 am

A girl's best friend is her guitar


Skeletonwitch. What else would you have expected them to look like?
Ohio heavy metal band Skeletonwitch is best known for three things: awesomely brutal music, awesomely brutal shows, and basically being the sweethearts of metal. Seriously, every interview you read with them is gracious and based on a love of the scene.

Since metal is a genre not granted too much cultural legitimacy by music critics at large, it can be a little sensitive and venture into “We Are Very Serious Business” territory, which is why it was so awesome to see Skeletonwitch put this video on their Facebook page.

While the metal genre doesn’t frequently lend itself to self-deprecation, it’s nice to see heshers with a sense of humor.

Plus, when a six-year-old little girl in her pink jammies does a growl like that, you just gotta show some respect.

Posted by Amber Frost
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