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The bizarre and the beautiful: two great new videos from SSION
04:41 pm


Cody Critcheloe
The bizarre and the beautiful: two great new videos from SSION

Whoever said the Internet killed the video star was talking crap. If anything, the Internet has given birth to a new kind of video star: one you actively have to seek out, rather than wait passively for them to be beamed into your goggle box.

The perfect example is SSION, all-American dance-pop chanter and video director, and originator of the unibrow-meets-mustache hairdo. SSION, aka Cody Critcheloe, is creating a video for each track on his (brilliant) album Bent as an ongoing project, and we have featured his work numerous times here on DM.

The latest SSION video release is a clip to accompany the track “High,” a bonus song from the official Bent label re-release last year (and not on the original free download release from 2011.) It’s great, needless to say, especially if you have a fetish for karaoke videos, but I’ve still not managed to post about what is probably SSION’s best video yet, the clip to accompany the track “Luvbazaar.”

Lip syncing drag queens, gum-popping schoolgirls, empty theaters, heaving parties, New York city streets, shopping interludes, the return of platform desert boots, a Tarantino-esque glowing case, and a David Lynch-style appreciation of the absurd, it’s all here. 

SSION’s website has had a revamp and is well worth visiting (and don’t forget to check out the clip for “High” too) but for now here’s the bizarrely beautiful “Luvbazaar”:


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