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Boobs not bombs: The first ever computer art was made possible by the Cold War… & it was a girly pic
06:04 am


Cold War

Are you actually surprised?
I know there’s all kinds of pithy puns I could make about the righteous dick-swinging contest that was the Cold War; of course it would produce a piece of art so rooted in masculine sexuality! I’m so enamored of the idea though, that I can’t help be reassured by the little glowing lady.

We spent $238 million on a computer system to detect Russian nuclear attacks, creating what was then the largest computer ever made, and a programmer rendered a George Petty pin-up on the screen, taking a Polaroid for posterity. It’s believed to have been created in 1956 or 1958.

Our most human priorities shine so brightly, don’t they?

Via The Atlantic

Posted by Amber Frost



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