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‘Twin Peaks’ opening credits in glorious 8-bit
02:19 pm


Twin Peaks
‘Twin Peaks’ opening credits in glorious 8-bit

The tireless folks over at Welcome to Twin Peaks inform me that a Twin Peaks video game was rumored to be on the table in the early nineties, but never came to fruition. It’s never too late to live your dreams, however, as evidenced by both the recently designed (and free!) Atari-style Twin Peaks game, and by this 8-bit intro of the iconic Twin Peaks opening credits, complete with chiptune Angelo Badalamenti!

The attention to detail is exquisite! Now, could we get a chiptune “Dance of the Dream Man,” maybe with a dancing, 8-bit Michael J. Anderson?

Via Welcome to Twin Peaks

Posted by Amber Frost
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