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Video of Patti Smith standing up for Pussy Riot: ‘Jesus Christ would fucking forgive them!’
02:36 pm

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Patti Smith
Pussy Riot

“Putin has pissed himself.” Patti Smith in Oslo.
During yesterday’s performance of “Gloria” in Stockholm, Patti Smith and her band make it quite clear how they feel about the imprisonment of Russian punk band Pussy Riot.

“Ask Jesus Christ. He would fucking forgive them.”

I’m not sure the women in Pussy Riot require anyone’s forgiveness. Forgiveness from what? Exercising freedom of speech and artistic expression? “Jesus died for somebody’s sins, but not mine.” But Smith is fighting the good fight by appealing to what Putin and his lot can comprehend; a way out of an international public relations debacle that leaves them looking human instead of like fascist pricks. Yes, the thugs should forgive the girls and let them go. Be Christ-like. People like that.

Go Patti go!

Thanks Bgrrrlie

Posted by Marc Campbell
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