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Witty and macabre Addams Family coloring book from 1965
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Addams Family
Witty and macabre Addams Family coloring book from 1965

I’ve been following that “pick 3 fictional characters to represent you” game on Facebook with great pleasure. I’m dead certain that more than a few people in the Dangerous Minds readership have picked Morticia Addams as one of their role models….. then there’s Wednesday, I"ll bet Wednesday made some lists…. or Gomez? How about Gomez? Give Gomez some love!

The Raul Julia/Anjelica Huston movies of the 1990s were all well and good, but for me nothing beats the eccentric and buoyant Addams Family TV series of the 1960s. (We mustn’t, however, forget the essential contributions made by Charles Addams in the pages of The New Yorker.) John Astin and Carolyn Jones were pitch-perfect as the morbid and independent-minded heads of family. Just yesterday we featured some death-obsessed cartoons that succeeded in getting readers’ attention, but really, who beats the Addams Family at that game?

Nobody, that’s who.

This charming coloring book was produced in 1965, the second year of the series, with a bitchin’ color cover. My favorite page here is the one with the caption “Touché, Darling!” because the joke, as far as I can tell, is simply that they’re weird because they enjoy fencing in the middle of the day, while the rest of the world is at work. No wonder the Addams Family are such great role models!










via Donald Deveau’s amazing Flickr account

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