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‘Women and their allies are coming for you’: THIS is how you deal with right-wing law-makers
02:17 pm



protesting the state senate
Dissidence is frequently intimidated into propriety. Folks come ready to protest their government, full of piss and vinegar, prepared to hand lawmakers their collective ass, but they freeze up amidst the pomp and circumstance of politics (and lots of cops).

It’s especially hard when the politicians you’re addressing are mired in right-wing reactionary culture—coming from a red state that I maintain a love/hate relationship with, I saw this one all the time. So I nearly got choked up when I watched this woman (identified only by her Twitter handle, @VictorianPrude) 28-year-old activist Sarah Slamen say everything she really wanted to say to the Texas Senate, even when they tried to shut her down.

Because you shouldn’t be polite to fascists. You should scare the living shit out of them.


Posted by Amber Frost



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