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X-rated disco: ‘Give Your Dick To Me,’ 1980
02:23 pm


Barbara MarKay

I’m primarily sharing this because of the glorious picture sleeve! I mean, just look at it!!!

Anyway, the artist’s name is Barbara Markay and her 1980 disco single was called, as you can see for yourself, “Give Your Dick To Me” (the b-side was the PG-rated “Give Your Flesh To Me”).

You can give your love to your mother
You can give your head to your coat
You can give your heart to your music
And honey that ain’t no joke

But since you sure know how to use it
Give your dick to me
Give it to me

Sadly, the song really doesn’t live up to this amazing cover. But here it is below, if you’re curious:

Posted by Tara McGinley
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