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Richard Metzger

Occupation: Jack-off All Trades
Interests: Rastafari, Marxism, BBC comedy, teeth whiteners, Cary Grant, my TARDIS
Biography: I was born in a cross-fire hurricane. I howled at my ma in the drivin' rain. But it's all right now, in fact, it's a gas.

Recent Entries

  • 02.05.16 / Beyond the Valley of the Lurid Exploitation Film Posters of the 50s, 60s & 70s
  • 02.05.16 / What the hell is this ad even trying to communicate?
  • 02.03.16 / An emotional David Bowie sings ‘Imagine’ on the third anniversary of John Lennon’s death, 1983
  • 02.02.16 / ‘Pistol shots ring out in a barroom night’: Bob Dylan’s riveting performance of ‘Hurricane,’ 1975
  • 02.01.16 / Butthole Surfers live in Rotterdam: ‘Those people put a lot of mayonnaise on their french fries’
  • Tara McGinley

    Occupation: Elegant Nay Sayer
    Interests: Stuff, Widgets, Objects, Things, Gadgets
    Biography: I'm ashamed of the things I've done for a Klondike Bar.

    Recent Entries

  • 02.08.16 / Heavy metal heroes Valentine’s Day cards
  • 02.05.16 / Badass cat motorcycle helmets from Russia
  • 02.05.16 / The Young Ones, Ab Fab, Einstein and more, recreated with LEGO
  • 02.04.16 / Turkish reporter confuses giant mushroom with microphone
  • 02.03.16 / 99 million year-old erect spider penis has been discovered
  • Marc Campbell

    Occupation: Musician, writer
    Interests: All of it
    Biography: Marc Campbell was the lead singer and lyricist for THE NAILS who recorded two critically acclaimed albums for RCA records. He's best known for the cult hit "88 Lines About 44 Women". Later this year, Campbell will be releasing his first solo album, "Tantric Machine". He is also working on a book, 44 WOMEN, an erotic memoir spanning the 60s and 70s, from the hippies to the punks. "Having been passionately involved with the social and artistic revolutions of those decades, I see many connections between the two and how one grew out of the other. 44 WOMEN pays tribute to the power and glory of sex, drugs, rock and roll...and LOVE. It is dedicated to the women in my life who did their best to keep me human". Marc currently lives in Austin, Texas with his beautiful Turkish girlfriend and his chihuahua Freddy. He likes good wine, rock and roll and hardboiled detective novels. He agrees with Timothy Leary that "intelligence is the ultimate aphrodisiac".

    Recent Entries

  • 01.13.16 / The mad genius behind The Rolling Stones and Yardbirds, Giorgio Gomelsky R.I.P.
  • 01.11.16 / ‘I’m stepping through the door And I’m floating’: David Bowie R.I.P.
  • 12.24.15 / Santa Claus Conquers Your Brain
  • 12.14.15 / ‘Turkish Star Wars’: May the Farce be with you!
  • 12.04.15 / Judy Garland doing ‘blackface’ two years before ‘The Wizard of Oz’
  • Paul Gallagher

    Occupation: Writer, blogger, friendly, neighborhood word-slinger.
    Interests: Books, art, film, theater, tea and symphonies.
    Biography: Writer, blogger, dog-walker. Producer and Director of TV documentaries. Born in East Kilbride, lives in Glasgow, Scotland.

    Recent Entries

  • 02.05.16 / If you haven’t seen this, you don’t know what you’ve missed: The Small Faces on ‘Colour Me Pop’ 1968
  • 02.04.16 / Bettie Page’s vintage Guide for Strip-teasers: ‘This is as far as you can go’
  • 02.03.16 / Martin Scorsese Directs
  • 02.02.16 / Vintage documentary charts the rise of the Superstar DJ
  • 02.01.16 / ‘The Tragedy of Macbeth’: When Hugh Hefner and Roman Polanski made a movie
  • Heather Drain

    Occupation: Freelance Writer a Go-Go
    Interests: fringe art, cult cinema, road trips, rock & roll,
    Biography: Freelance Writer from the South with a born love of left-of-center cinema, bastard art and aesthetic jeet-kune-do.

    Recent Entries

  • 01.04.16 / Suburban Lawns: Lost Pioneers of Post-Punk
  • 12.15.15 / ‘Punk Rock’: Porno and New York City punk collide in this gritty 1977 X-rated crime drama
  • 11.17.15 / Remembering Detroit’s legendary cult-zine, The Orbit
  • 09.21.15 / Of Spiders, Pin-up girls and Silent Movie Mad Men: The Legacy of ‘Hollywood Imp’ Jack McDermott
  • 07.21.15 / Terminal City: Revisiting James Chance & The Contortions’ groundbreaking ‘Buy’ album
  • Amber Frost

    Occupation: Freelance writer, Musician, and I'm the Girl Friday of Socialism
    Interests: rock 'n' roll, activism, US culture, New York
    Biography: I'm in love with Rock 'n' Roll, and I'll be out all night.

    Recent Entries

  • 09.30.15 / Steve Albini e-mail about hating dance music is now a billboard advertising dance music
  • 09.29.15 / 50 Shades of Purple: Stunning paintings of roller derby butts and their bruises!
  • 09.28.15 / Sacrilegious glory: See Fellini’s Vatican fashion show, including what was censored by the church!
  • 09.24.15 / ‘The Richard Pryor Show’: All four episodes of the short-lived series are online
  • 09.22.15 / What a dick: The porniest grave in Paris’s Père Lachaise cemetery
  • Martin Schneider

    Occupation: Writer, editor, gadabout
    Interests: Parcheesi, pipe, robe, slippers, cognac snifter
    Biography: When I was a baby Duke Ellington told my mom that she should listen to whatever I say, because "he knows where it's at." It's been downhill ever since.

    Recent Entries

  • 02.08.16 / David Bowie’s first-ever movie performance, in the creepy ‘The Image’ from 1967
  • 02.05.16 / Watch this essential Björk documentary from 1997
  • 02.04.16 / Martin Sharp’s psychedelic tarot cards from 1967
  • 02.04.16 / 27 years of MTV’s ‘120 Minutes’ has been recreated online
  • 02.03.16 / Irritated filmmaker forces censors to watch 10 hours of paint drying
  • Jason Schafer

    Occupation: Librarian, Semi-retired rock weirdo
    Interests: American Counterculture, Information Systems, Off-Grid Farming, Freaks, Ohio Rock n' Roll
    Biography: I was born in Wheeling, West Virginia, and then moved a lot, living in Houston, TX, Pittsburg, PA, Wheeling (Again), Erlanger, KY, Cincinnati, OH, New York, NY, Kent, OH and Chicago, IL before finally settling down in Cleveland in 2000.

    For the past 20 years, I've played in bands from Kentucky and Ohio that you've never heard of, all of them pretty good.

    I'm married to my pal, Lisa, a social activist and musician. We have two kids that we're trying to turn into conscientious, non-uptight American citizens.

    Recent Entries

  • 04.02.15 / Before he was Hulk Hogan’s manger, Jimmy Hart scored a top five hit with the Gentrys in 1965
  • 03.26.15 / ‘Time to Suck’: Wild 70s South African proto-metal band Suck covers Black Sabbath, King Crimson
  • 03.24.15 / Original Woodstock ads show how much of a slipshod operation the whole thing was
  • 03.23.15 / Hilarious ‘beatnik girl’ makeover from 1963
  • 03.20.15 / Before he wrote ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll McDonalds’ and ‘Kurt Cobain,’ Wesley Willis was a street artist
  • Rusty Blazenhoff

    Occupation: Pop culture activist :: Zinester :: Culture jammer
    Interests: Fluff
    Biography: Described by a friend as "sweet, wholesome, and dangerous."

    Recent Entries

  • 05.05.15 / Shit Museum opens in Italy
  • 05.04.15 / Behold, the Tittygram: ‘Our boobs. Your message.’
  • 03.24.15 / Gay sweater is SO gay that it’s knit out of gay human hair
  • 03.11.15 / Giant squid blunt: We didn’t learn about this creature in science class
  • 03.11.15 / ‘F’ is for feline: Cat shirt reveals a dirty little secret
  • Howie Pyro

    Occupation: DJ, musician, writer, out of control collector...
    Interests: Rare crazy records, Spook show memorabilia, cheap 60's merchandise aimed at teenagers, fashion, freaks, monster movies &
    Biography: Happy to be one of The Usual Gang Of Idiots. If you want a real bio there is one here:

    Recent Entries

  • 01.30.16 / ‘The Rusty James Show’: The idiot bastard son of Woody Allen and Firesign Theatre, starring Elvis?
  • 01.12.16 / The Bowie, Elvis, Warhol ‘Black Star’ connection: Popism eats itself
  • 11.02.15 / Unbelievable! Holy grail footage of The Shaggs from 1972 FOUND!
  • 12.25.14 / Intoxica Radio Xmas Show! Wild Unknown Rock-n-Roll, Soul, R & B!
  • 12.24.14 / Garage Rock Madness with The Muppets first Ed Sullivan appearance, 1966
  • Oliver Hall

    Occupation: Writer, editor, musician
    Interests: Cranks, crackpots, revolutionaries, mystics
    Biography: "Looks like Elvis after 20 years in the fucking coffin." —Captain Sensible

    Someday, I hope to publish an anthology of bad advice for young people.

    Recent Entries

  • 02.05.16 / ‘Mind Parasites’: The William S. Burroughs / Buzzcocks connection
  • 02.05.16 / Dear Internet, please find Terence McKenna’s appearance on LAPD Chief Daryl Gates’ radio show
  • 01.29.16 / The drugs that fueled the Meat Puppets’ first five LPs
  • 01.28.16 / ‘Mark David Chapman is the ultimate Beatlemaniac’: Lester Bangs trashes Beatles nostalgia on TV
  • 01.22.16 / Smoking pot leads straight to the whorehouse in ‘Seduction of the Innocent,’ 1960
  • Cherrybomb

    Occupation: Heavy Metal Mover and Shaker | Blogger | Freelance Word Writer
    Interests: Lemmy Kilmister, Cursing, Running
    Biography: I dream of a world where all I do is sleep late, have fun, get wild, drink whisky, and drive fast on empty streets with nothing in mind except falling in love and not getting arrested . . . Res ipsa loquitur. Let the good times roll.

    Recent Entries

  • 02.08.16 / New black tarantula spider species discovered near Folsom Prison is named after Johnny Cash
  • 02.08.16 / Serial ‘foot stomper’ on the loose in Austin, Texas
  • 02.04.16 / Powerful Siouxsie & The Banshees performance: Live at ‘The Futurama Festival,’ 1980
  • 02.03.16 / Naughty, sexy vintage 50s cartoons from ‘Josie and the Pussycats’ creator
  • 02.02.16 / Super strange sculptures only the dark and demented could love
  • Christopher Bickel

    Occupation: Musician, Curator, NGH Certified Consulting Hypnotist
    Interests: Smashism, Aktionism, Lowbrow and Highbrow Cinema, Historical Countercultures, Bad Music For Bad People
    Biography: Served time in "musical" groups In/Humanity, Guyana Punch Line, and currently Anakrid. Former columnist for Maximumrockandroll Magazine. Days are divided between high-end record dealing, event promotion, hypnotherapy, film series curation, and study of topics ranging from control and influence to the occult to obscure yuletide traditions to Z-list celebrities to junk science to transgressive art. Capricorn. Enjoys an occasional gin and tonic. Paces a lot. Can take a joke.

    Recent Entries

  • 02.08.16 / ‘The Addams Family’—in spooky ooky color
  • 02.04.16 / Crucial photos of the San Francisco punk scene 1977-1982
  • 02.03.16 / Finally! The lyrics of The Clash make total sense!
  • 02.02.16 / Truly outrageous: Can ‘Jiz’ save the abortion that was the ‘Jem’ movie?
  • 02.01.16 / Can we just talk about how great The Dicks (the band) were?