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Richard Metzger

Occupation: Jack-off All Trades
Interests: Rastafari, Marxism, BBC comedy, teeth whiteners, Cary Grant, my TARDIS
Biography: I was born in a cross-fire hurricane. I howled at my ma in the drivin' rain. But it's all right now, in fact, it's a gas.

Recent Entries

  • 02.27.15 / Hear the ‘Ziggy Stardust’ orchestral remix made but not used for Disney’s ‘Fantasia’ videogame
  • 02.26.15 / How to buy the best possible audio system (for the least amount of money)
  • 02.24.15 / ‘Saturday Morning Freakout’: A Forbidden Transmission from TV’s Graveyard
  • 02.20.15 / See if you can figure out what LANGUAGE Mick Jagger is singing in here
  • 02.18.15 / Richard Pryor’s long-forgotten Saturday morning kids’ show, ‘Pryor’s Place’
  • Tara McGinley

    Occupation: Elegant Nay Sayer
    Interests: Stuff, Widgets, Objects, Things, Gadgets
    Biography: I'm ashamed of the things I've done for a Klondike Bar.

    Recent Entries

  • 02.27.15 / ‘Werewolf’ allegedly murders his vampire neighbor
  • 02.26.15 / Li’l Lager: Baby bottles that look like beer bottles
  • 02.25.15 / Teeny-tiny models of early synthesizers and analog recording equipment
  • 02.25.15 / Mary Poppins goes all death metal: ‘A spoon full of glass helps the hate go down’
  • 02.24.15 / Yes, there’s footage of Prince Charles skateboarding in a double-breasted suit, 1970s
  • Marc Campbell

    Occupation: Musician, writer
    Interests: All of it
    Biography: Marc Campbell was the lead singer and lyricist for THE NAILS who recorded two critically acclaimed albums for RCA records. He's best known for the cult hit "88 Lines About 44 Women". Later this year, Campbell will be releasing his first solo album, "Tantric Machine". He is also working on a book, 44 WOMEN, an erotic memoir spanning the 60s and 70s, from the hippies to the punks. "Having been passionately involved with the social and artistic revolutions of those decades, I see many connections between the two and how one grew out of the other. 44 WOMEN pays tribute to the power and glory of sex, drugs, rock and roll...and LOVE. It is dedicated to the women in my life who did their best to keep me human". Marc currently lives in Austin, Texas with his beautiful Turkish girlfriend and his chihuahua Freddy. He likes good wine, rock and roll and hardboiled detective novels. He agrees with Timothy Leary that "intelligence is the ultimate aphrodisiac".

    Recent Entries

  • 02.24.15 / Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley’s Island of Dr. Moreau
  • 02.17.15 / New York City 1977 is a living, breathing thing in Chantal Akerman’s ‘News from Home’
  • 02.16.15 / The Jim Morrison ballet: Love Me Tutu Times
  • 02.13.15 / Kanye West gets a Beck beatdown, New York style
  • 02.10.15 / Apocalypse cow: Red-haired heifer predicts end of world
  • Paul Gallagher

    Occupation: Writer, blogger, friendly, neighborhood word-slinger.
    Interests: Books, art, film, theater, tea and symphonies.
    Biography: Writer, blogger, dog-walker. Producer and Director of TV documentaries. Born in East Kilbride, lives in Glasgow, Scotland.

    Recent Entries

  • 02.26.15 / Squeal like a pig!: The world champion pig squealer is a really STRANGE dude
  • 02.25.15 / Forget that shitty ‘CBGB’ film, ‘Blitzkrieg Bop’ from 1978 takes you inside the real CBGB
  • 02.24.15 / Kooky Kindle cover disasters
  • 02.23.15 / ‘Shakespeare. William Shakespeare’: Sean Connery stars as ‘Macbeth’ in seldom seen TV production
  • 02.23.15 / David Bowie wows Broadway as ‘The Elephant Man’
  • Heather Drain

    Occupation: Freelance Writer a Go-Go
    Interests: fringe art, cult cinema, road trips, rock & roll,
    Biography: Freelance Writer from the South with a born love of left-of-center cinema, bastard art and aesthetic jeet-kune-do.

    Recent Entries

  • 02.09.15 / ‘Sin in the Suburbs’ & other cinematic delights: Joe Sarno’s life in dirty movies
  • 01.05.15 / World’s Greatest Sinner on public access: Cult actor Timothy Carey on ‘Art Fein’s Poker Party’
  • 11.24.14 / Sparks, Christian girls, drugs & lemon meringue pie: Meet obscure new wavers Gleaming Spires
  • 11.24.14 / The Count goes hardcore in ‘Dracula Sucks’
  • 10.26.14 / Hawkwind poet Robert Calvert’s prophetic sci-fi noir ‘The Kid From Silicon Gulch’
  • Amber Frost

    Occupation: Freelance writer, Musician, and I'm the Girl Friday of Socialism
    Interests: rock 'n' roll, activism, US culture, New York
    Biography: I'm in love with Rock 'n' Roll, and I'll be out all night.

    Recent Entries

  • 02.27.15 / Get some sunshine with The Honeys, Brian Wilson’s all-girl answer to the Beach Boys
  • 02.26.15 / Smackdown: World leaders brawl
  • 02.25.15 / A magazine gave every San Francisco mayoral candidate the replicant test from ‘Blade Runner’
  • 02.24.15 / ‘Smokey Sue Smokes for Two’ is the weirdest, creepiest, dumbest anti-smoking deterrent, ever
  • 02.23.15 / Sexy pony girls, for all your BDSM rocking horse needs
  • Martin Schneider

    Occupation: Writer, editor, gadabout
    Interests: Parcheesi, pipe, robe, slippers, cognac snifter
    Biography: When I was a baby Duke Ellington told my mom that she should listen to whatever I say, because "he knows where it's at." It's been downhill ever since.

    Recent Entries

  • 02.26.15 / The Playboy Club Bunny Manual of 1968
  • 02.26.15 / ‘There’s no medicine for regret’: Incredibly misogynist venereal disease posters from WWII
  • 02.25.15 / Diane Keaton takes on death itself in her kooky afterlife documentary ‘Heaven’
  • 02.25.15 / ‘We use the music as an exorcism’: Cabaret Voltaire takes over ‘Night Flight,’ 1985
  • 02.24.15 / ‘Dumbland,’ David Lynch’s remarkable animated series, lives up to its name
  • Jason Schafer

    Occupation: Librarian, Semi-retired rock weirdo
    Interests: American Counterculture, Information Systems, Off-Grid Farming, Freaks, Ohio Rock n' Roll
    Biography: I was born in Wheeling, West Virginia, and then moved a lot, living in Houston, TX, Pittsburg, PA, Wheeling (Again), Erlanger, KY, Cincinnati, OH, New York, NY, Kent, OH and Chicago, IL before finally settling down in Cleveland in 2000.

    For the past 20 years, I've played in bands from Kentucky and Ohio that you've never heard of, all of them pretty good.

    I'm married to my pal, Lisa, a social activist and musician. We have two kids that we're trying to turn into conscientious, non-uptight American citizens.

    Recent Entries

  • 02.27.15 / ‘A lot of people do bad things’: The bizarre tale of child evangelist turned conman, Marjoe Gortner
  • 02.25.15 / Houses in Motion: The spellbinding ‘Flying Houses’ of Laurent Chéhère
  • 02.23.15 / ‘Penis de Milo’: Learn to make molds of your sweetheart’s nether regions with Cynthia Plaster Caster
  • 02.23.15 / Anyone willing to spend $40,000 for a dab of 22-carat gold-laced caviar should be stomped to death
  • 02.19.15 / ‘Motor City’s Burning’: The incendiary 60’s Detroit music scene from Motown to the Stooges
  • Rusty Blazenhoff

    Occupation: Pop culture activist :: Zinester :: Culture jammer
    Interests: Fluff
    Biography: Described by a friend as "sweet, wholesome, and dangerous."

    Recent Entries

  • 02.27.15 / In 1976, pot-head pranksters made ‘Hollyweed’ out of the iconic Hollywood sign
  • 02.26.15 / Banksy tours Gaza: creates dark, thought-provoking stencil series and video
  • 02.24.15 / Bloody hell: Disney made an animated ‘period’ short about menstruation
  • 02.20.15 / Cunning stunt: Saucy footwear aims to reclaim the word ‘C*NT’
  • 02.20.15 / Street artist plants a coke-snorting Oscar statue in Hollywood
  • Howie Pyro

    Occupation: DJ, musician, writer, out of control collector...
    Interests: Rare crazy records, Spook show memorabilia, cheap 60's merchandise aimed at teenagers, fashion, freaks, monster movies &
    Biography: Happy to be one of The Usual Gang Of Idiots. If you want a real bio there is one here:

    Recent Entries

  • 12.25.14 / Intoxica Radio Xmas Show! Wild Unknown Rock-n-Roll, Soul, R & B!
  • 12.24.14 / Garage Rock Madness with The Muppets first Ed Sullivan appearance, 1966
  • 11.27.14 / Blood Freak! The ultimate Thanksgiving gore film (and a true Golden Turkey!)
  • 11.25.14 / ‘How To Blow Your Mind And Have A Freak Out Party’: The stupidest record of the 1960s?
  • 11.21.14 / ‘Bight of the Twin’: Update on Genesis Breyer P-Orridge’s Amazing African Adventures!
  • Oliver Hall

    Occupation: Writer, editor, musician
    Interests: Cranks, crackpots, revolutionaries, mystics
    Biography: "Looks like Elvis after 20 years in the fucking coffin." —Captain Sensible

    Someday, I hope to publish an anthology of bad advice for young people.

    Recent Entries

  • 02.27.15 / Dr. Timothy Leary, MTV VJ
  • 02.26.15 / Did the Beatles’ inventor promise to build them a flying saucer?
  • 02.26.15 / Einstürzende Neubauten attacks its audience with Molotov cocktails, 1983
  • 02.20.15 / The Cramps’ guest spot on ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’
  • 02.19.15 / Ken Kesey and the Grateful Dead’s unrealized ballet
  • Christopher Bickel

    Occupation: Musician, Curator, NGH Certified Consulting Hypnotist
    Interests: Smashism, Aktionism, Lowbrow and Highbrow Cinema, Historical Countercultures, Bad Music For Bad People
    Biography: Served time in "musical" groups In/Humanity, Guyana Punch Line, and currently Anakrid. Former columnist for Maximumrockandroll Magazine. Days are divided between high-end record dealing, event promotion, hypnotherapy, film series curation, and study of topics ranging from control and influence to the occult to obscure yuletide traditions to Z-list celebrities to junk science to transgressive art. Capricorn. Enjoys an occasional gin and tonic. Paces a lot. Can take a joke.

    Recent Entries

  • 02.27.15 / Meet Johnny Urine, the YouTube king of peeing-on-things videos
  • 02.25.15 / ‘You jive white motherf*ckers!’: Jazz legend Freddie Hubbard spectacularly blows his cool onstage
  • 02.25.15 / ‘He’s a Woman, She’s a Man’: The Scorpions’ transgressive transgender lust anthem
  • 02.24.15 / At first you’ll think this is the SHITTIEST demo ever put on tape, but give it a little more time…
  • 02.23.15 / How your pretentious local record store asshole got that way