Richard Metzger

Occupation: Jack-off All Trades
Interests: Rastafari, Marxism, BBC comedy, teeth whiteners, Cary Grant, my TARDIS
Biography: I was born in a cross-fire hurricane. I howled at my ma in the drivin' rain. But it's all right now, in fact, it's a gas.

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  • 04.17.14 / ‘Heaven Is For Real’ kid’s interview on Fox News is COMEDY GOLD
  • 04.17.14 / Party Monster: Club kid murderer Michael Alig to be paroled
  • 04.17.14 / The Unholy Grail of ‘Lost’ Films: Kenneth Anger’s ‘Lucifer Rising’ with Jimmy Page soundtrack
  • 04.16.14 / The Idiot: Iggy Pop totally charms square daytime TV audience, 1977
  • 04.15.14 / Devil’s Gateway: Throbbing Gristle live in Manchester
  • Tara McGinley

    Occupation: Elegant Nay Sayer
    Interests: Stuff, Widgets, Objects, Things, Gadgets
    Biography: I'm ashamed of the things I've done for a Klondike Bar.

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  • 04.18.14 / Things that go bump in the night: Vintage 1920s stereoview images of ghouls and goblins
  • 04.15.14 / Prepare to shit yourself (or take a Xanax before watching this!)
  • 04.15.14 / TL;DR Wikipedia: Condensed for your reading pleasure
  • 04.15.14 / ‘True Detective’ meets ‘The Family Circus’
  • 04.14.14 / The futility of existence: One man’s journey conquering a fence sums up life
  • Marc Campbell

    Occupation: Musician, writer
    Interests: All of it
    Biography: Marc Campbell was the lead singer and lyricist for THE NAILS who recorded two critically acclaimed albums for RCA records. He's best known for the cult hit "88 Lines About 44 Women". Later this year, Campbell will be releasing his first solo album, "Tantric Machine". He is also working on a book, 44 WOMEN, an erotic memoir spanning the 60s and 70s, from the hippies to the punks. "Having been passionately involved with the social and artistic revolutions of those decades, I see many connections between the two and how one grew out of the other. 44 WOMEN pays tribute to the power and glory of sex, drugs, rock and roll...and LOVE. It is dedicated to the women in my life who did their best to keep me human". Marc currently lives in Austin, Texas with his beautiful Turkish girlfriend and his chihuahua Freddy. He likes good wine, rock and roll and hardboiled detective novels. He agrees with Timothy Leary that "intelligence is the ultimate aphrodisiac".

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  • 03.20.14 / Youth gone wild: San Francisco street gangs of the 1960s set to a bongo blasting beat
  • 03.19.14 / High flying Byrd: Long overdue documentary on Gene Clark is essential viewing
  • 02.25.14 / What no pastrami?!: Egg cream scented candles from Katz’s deli
  • 02.24.14 / ‘Self-expression is evil’: The mind-boggling beauty of David Thomas and two pale boys
  • 01.01.14 / Remembering my friend, Klaus Nomi
  • Paul Gallagher

    Occupation: Writer, blogger, friendly, neighborhood word-slinger.
    Interests: Books, art, film, theater, tea and symphonies.
    Biography: Writer, blogger, dog-walker. Producer and Director of TV documentaries. Born in East Kilbride, lives in Glasgow, Scotland.

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  • 04.18.14 / Marks of a genius: Ray Harryhausen’s incredible creature drawings
  • 04.18.14 / Six-year-old boy with a tail is worshipped as a god
  • 04.17.14 / Artists’ brains are ‘structurally different’ new study claims
  • 04.17.14 / Small Town Noir: Mugshots and true crime stories from New Castle, Pennsylvania, 1930-60
  • 04.16.14 / UFO, weird weather, birds… or an angry god? That mysterious black ring in the sky, explained
  • Heather Drain

    Occupation: Freelance Writer a Go-Go
    Interests: fringe art, cult cinema, road trips, rock & roll,
    Biography: Freelance Writer from the South with a born love of left-of-center cinema, bastard art and aesthetic jeet-kune-do.

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  • 04.16.14 / ‘Viking Angel’: Hollywood Babylonia
  • 02.26.14 / How to Get Girls through Hypnotism: The Story of Gleaming Spires
  • 02.10.14 / Red, White and Blue Sleaze: Al Goldstein’s infamous ‘Midnight Blue’ cable access program
  • 01.13.14 / Russ Meyer’s ‘Fanny Hill’: Bosomania Gets Fancy
  • 01.06.14 / It’s 1980’s trash-horror films a go-go with Bleeding Skull!
  • Thomas McGrath

    Occupation: Writer and scrounger
    Interests: Hip hop, literature, parapolitics, hangovers
    Biography: Once went to a restaurant in Tenerife that had 'turkey gizzard and fun spaghetti' on the menu.

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  • 03.28.14 / Classic rock conspiracy theory: ‘Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon,’ the dark heart of the hippie dream
  • 10.31.13 / ‘Kneel Through The Dark’: Talking art, magick, Crowley and cats with filmmaker James Batley
  • 10.26.13 / Xerox Ferox and the Lost Art of the Horror Film Fanzine
  • 10.06.13 / ‘DO NOT EAT THE CAKE OF LIGHT!’ Dangerous Minds attends Aleister Crowley’s Gnostic Mass
  • 09.19.13 / Jimmy Page on the art of songwriting, a Dangerous Minds exclusive
  • Em

    Occupation: Banker
    Interests: Physics, Cryptography, Religion, Bands, Alternative lifestyles
    Biography: Born into a family of musicians, moved to New York as a small child. Degrees in Physics, Chinese language and electrical engineering. Lived in Shanghai China in the late 80s. Lived in London from 2006 to 2010. 4 US patents (in ultrafast laser optics, multiwavelength optical networks and online transaction systems). After a career in physics/EE, moved into banking in 2002. Currently work for a "too big to fail" bank. Member of UMOUR art and event collective.

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  • 10.02.13 / Codex Seraphinianus: A new edition of the strangest book in the world
  • 08.29.13 / ‘Star Drunk’: Hilarious shit-faced sci-fi film written by and starring DRUNK people
  • 08.16.13 / Real life steampunk: When New York had the original Hyperloop
  • 08.05.13 / Reefer Man: Did Louis Armstrong turn Richard Nixon into his drug mule?
  • 07.15.13 / Could Ray Charles really land an airplane? Apparently the answer is YES!
  • Amber Frost

    Occupation: Freelance writer, Musician, and I'm the Girl Friday of Socialism
    Interests: rock 'n' roll, activism, US culture, New York
    Biography: I'm in love with Rock 'n' Roll, and I'll be out all night.

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  • 04.17.14 / I think I’m too old to play with Crampy Carla the Menstruation Barbie
  • 04.17.14 / This animation is NOT computer generated… sort of
  • 04.16.14 / ‘Sex Freak’: A young RuPaul performs on cable access TV. No band, no budget, all charisma
  • 04.16.14 / Chinese space babies, the taikonaut tykes of the future!
  • 04.16.14 / Watch Lou Reed interview his 100-year-old Polish immigrant cousin in his short film, ‘Red Shirley’
  • Kimberly J. Bright

    Occupation: writer, amateur anthropologist, flâneur
    Interests: Anthroposophy, glam rock, power pop, Jacobites, druids, Vikings, Waldorf education, Pomeranian folklore
    Biography: Just a simple country housewife.

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  • 04.14.14 / Thrown out for kissing: A quaint guide to gay discos, 1978
  • 04.02.14 / Unknown Madonna opens for The Smiths, completely fails to impress them, New Year’s Eve, 1983
  • 03.20.14 / ‘God’s cartoonist’: The ongoing bizarre cult following of Jack T. Chick
  • 03.20.14 / Go Sketch Alice: Grace Slick’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ artwork
  • 03.11.14 / Classic ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ video game gets a makeover for its 30th anniversary
  • Martin Schneider

    Occupation: Writer, editor, gadabout
    Interests: Parcheesi, pipe, robe, slippers, cognac snifter
    Biography: When I was a baby Duke Ellington told my mom that she should listen to whatever I say, because "he knows where it's at." It's been downhill ever since.

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  • 04.18.14 / Every Rolling Stones clip British Pathé just uploaded to YouTube
  • 04.17.14 / ‘Bleak Movies,’ the coloring book version for kids
  • 04.17.14 / The researchers who discovered that bee stings on the penis are painful—by testing on themselves
  • 04.16.14 / Elvis Costello buys avocados in an American supermarket, 1978
  • 04.15.14 / ‘Dr. Death’: The macabre and disturbing paintings of Jack Kevorkian
  • Jason Schafer

    Occupation: Librarian/Media Specialist, Semi-retired rock weirdo
    Interests: American Counterculture, Information Systems, Off-Grid Farming, Freaks, Ohio Rock n' Roll
    Biography: I was born in Wheeling, West Virginia, and then moved a lot, living in Houston, TX, Pittsburg, PA, Wheeling (Again), Erlanger, KY, Cincinnati, OH, New York, NY, Kent, OH and Chicago, IL before finally settling down in Cleveland in 2000.

    I grew up on a skateboard during a time when you got beaten-up for doing so.

    For the past 20 years, I've played in bands from Kentucky and Ohio that you've never heard of, all of them pretty good.

    I have a Master's Degree in Library and Information Science.

    I'm married to my pal, Lisa, a social activist and musician. We have two kids that we're trying to turn into conscientious, non-uptight American citizens. Some day, we'll all live on a farm.

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  • 01.12.14 / Harvey Pekar’s pal and ‘Genuine Nerd’ Toby Radloff hilariously croons about cocaine
  • 01.07.14 / Studs Terkel interviews a very young Bob Dylan in 1963 and it’s incredible
  • 01.01.14 / Happy New Year!  Weird versions of ‘Auld Lang Syne’ performed on theremins!
  • 12.30.13 / Lester Bangs predicts the future of rock n’ roll in 1980
  • 12.30.13 / Zany geologist suggested bombing Japan’s volcanoes to force unconditional surrender in 1944
  • Ron Kretsch

    Occupation: Pictures, words, sounds
    Interests: See "Occupation"
    Biography: Formerly: art director and music writer, back when "newspapers" were a thing. Currently: guitarist/slacker layabout.

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  • 04.18.14 / Swans’ Michael Gira on their forthcoming triple album ‘To Be Kind’
  • 04.17.14 / Pussy Galore on ‘The Uncle Floyd Show’
  • 04.16.14 / Classical music’s greatest shitty reviews
  • 04.15.14 / The peerlessly weird Beefheartian post-punk of Stump
  • 04.11.14 / ‘Teen Talk’ on early ‘80s L.A. punk