50 Shades of Purple: Stunning paintings of roller derby butts and their bruises!
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50 Shades of Purple: Stunning paintings of roller derby butts and their bruises!

“I Got a Really Beautiful Bruise on My Bum, Do You Want To See a Pic? It Has 12 Colours And Is the Size of My Head!,” 2015
Despite the kitschy following and the cutesy outfits, roller derby is a pretty violent sport, replete with all kinds of incredibly visible injuries the women can later show off. Massive bruises are so common they’re nicknamed “kisses,” badges of honor that artist Riikka Hyvönen showcases in her painting series of the same name. Hyvönen finds her bruised butts posted online, and titles them with the captions the photographers provide. She sees her work as feminist, but isn’t unaware of the weirdness of a bunch of butt photography.

I believe these images are charged with (mental) strength. They show that the player’s bodies can take the hits yet overcome the pain and still continue to play.

Obviously, I am objectifying these women totally. But I am doing it exactly the way they objectify themselves: their big and strong bums are assets and to be carried with pride


The mixed media pieces are erotic and striking, but the humor of the subject matter is never lost.

“Fresh Meat in Fishnets!,” 2015

“Oh Lord. Is That the One That Looks Suspiciously Like My Wheel?! God, I’m Sorry to Have Marked You So :( … Um, Think of It as a Love Bite? xx,” 2015

“A Little Scratch Developed Into This Motherf**ker!,” 2015

“Violet! You’re turning violet, Violet! #derbybruise #ouch #hematoma,” 2015

“Wait Long Enough and Someone Will Find a Picture of Jesus in That Bruise!,” 2014

“Fifty Shades of Purple,” 2014
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