A merry Iggy Pop talks drugs, blood, and Bowie in obscure 1980s TV profile
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A merry Iggy Pop talks drugs, blood, and Bowie in obscure 1980s TV profile

The other day I came across an entertaining Iggy TV segment from the ‘80s that I had never seen before. The clip had recently been uploaded to YouTube, and as I couldn’t find an instance of it streaming anywhere else on the web, I think it’s fair to say that it’s a rarity.

This Iggy profile aired on the French music program Les Enfants du Rock (The Children of Rock). It includes interview footage with Iggy that was shot in New York City during the time he was living there. This comes at the end of a period that, thanks to royalties earned from David Bowie’s hit version of one of their collaborations, “China Girl” (from Bowie’s hugely successful album Let’s Dance), Iggy was able to take a break from the album/tour cycle and reassess his life. He subsequently got sober, moved to Manhattan, and got married. The Ig was happy and healthy—and it shows in the interview.

Les Enfants du Rock aired this piece in 1988, though the interview footage was taped well before that. I would guess it was recorded in the fall of 1986, as there is talk of Iggy’s upcoming tour for Blah-Blah-Blah—his first album in four years—which would begin in late October.
German picture sleeve for a ‘Blah-Blah-Blah’ era single, 1987.

Iggy is his usual charming self here, totally comfortable in front of the camera. The questions are presented in French, but I don’t think it will matter to non-French speakers (and that includes me). Subjects covered include coming to the realization that he was turning into a rock star phony—thanks to drugs and other vices—and what helped change all of that; writing with David Bowie and how he thinks Bowie views him; and whether or not we’ll see him vomiting and bleeding on stage this time around.

The non-interview bits might be the best parts, as they include shots of Pop merrily frolicking through the streets of New York, mocking the staged b-roll shot for TV pieces like this.

That’s our Iggy!

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