Adorable Divine doll dressed as gun-toting ‘Babs Johnson’ from ‘Pink Flamingos’ (gun included!)
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Adorable Divine doll dressed as gun-toting ‘Babs Johnson’ from ‘Pink Flamingos’ (gun included!)

There are many days while I’m doing my “job” here at Dangerous Minds when I think I’ve pretty much seen it all. Then there are days that I stumble across something on the Internet that reminds me that there is still plenty of fantastic trash out there for all of us, specifically those of us who are connoisseurs of filth and all thing low brow. Which is exactly what I have for you today—a sixteen-inch doll in the image of John Waters’ greatest muse, the legendary Divine.

Made by My Best Fiendz based in Rockland, Maine, little Divine was made by a horror-movie-loving husband and wife duo who used a standard baby doll as the base then transformed it into a pretty spot-on “Babs Johnson” who looks like she’s dying to tell you to “eat shit” in full makeup, custom-dyed flaming-hot hair and a pistol. There are also a few other strange items in the Fiendz’s Etsy store that might also be of interest to our sleazier/horror-inclined readers such as a bizarre “jumpin’ jack” of GG Allin that would keep everyone (including dogs and rats mind you) off your lawn, an utterly fantastic jumper of Swedish pro-wrestler/actor Tor Johnson, and that nasty murderous clown “Captain Spaulding” aka “Johnny Lee Johns” as portrayed by actor Sid Haig in the films House of 1000 Corpsess and The Devil’s Rejects. The Divine doll will run you $130 and the wooden jumpers are about $40. I’ve posted images of the oddities below. If any of this is your thing (because filth really is your life), more details on ordering and other items in the shop can be found here.






The mythical shitstain on GG’s underpants and wooden ass-crack is a nice touch.

Jumpin’ jack GG Allin in action!

A jumpin’ jack of actor Tor Johnson as ‘Inspector Clay’ from ‘Plan 9 From Outer Space.’




Divine in ‘Pink Flamingos’ giving his famous “Kill everyone now!” speech.



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