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All You Need To Know About Alex Jones: 5 Hour Paranoid Paranoia Fest!
06:07 pm
All You Need To Know About Alex Jones: 5 Hour Paranoid Paranoia Fest!

The thing is, when Alex Jones is making his headcase, rageaholic videos where he reveals his acute paranoia that someone wants to bump him off, when this guy DOES die from a heart attack—I mean LOOK AT HIM, HE’S ONLY 38!!!—his followers, like Andrew Breitbart’s legions, will think it was the New World Order, or Obama, what killed Alex, NOT HIS OWN BI-POLAR BATSHIT BAD-CRAZINESS.

Even Glenn Beck thinks Jones is crazy.

Jones is so anti-meds that he’ll probably die of an aneurysm long before anyone gets around to assassinating him. Imagine what his poor wife must have thought, seeing her husband have a humiliating public meltdown (the type I am sure that she is all too accustomed to witnessing) in front on CNN’s cameras.

If you can’t hold your shit together on a live television show—and Jones didn’t even try with Piers Morgan, he was unhinged from the start—you shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near one, for fuck’s sake.

Bonus: Alex Jones Never Exaggerates: A pure distillation of Alex Jones’ essence, this plays like an Everything is Terribletrash compactor”:

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H/T to poryorick and J to the G

Posted by Richard Metzger
06:07 pm



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