Blackboards in Porn: What do they write and is it correct?
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Blackboards in Porn: What do they write and is it correct?

Blackboards in Porn is an amusing blog dedicated to figuring out if the mathematical equations seen written on blackboards in classroom-themed pornos are accurate. The website actually breaks down the formulas for you!

Celebrating pornographers who go the extra mile when set dressing classroom porn and actually write something on the blackboard. What do they write, and is it correct?

The website is totally safe for work and what’s cool about it is you might actually learn something. I’m no math nut, so a few of these equations went over my head (no pun intended).

Here are a few condensed examples, below:

A-level standard trigonometry. Maths all correct. Good pluralisation of ‘formulae’. Neat handwriting. Loses a mark for ‘Tan’ instead of ‘tan’. But otherwise: excellent work!


This is a frustratingly inconsistent approach to writing chemical formulae. On the one hand the teacher has gone to the trouble of also using structural formulae to improve clarity (eg H2N2O2 could be nitramide, but the addition of HO-N=N-OH makes it clear that we are dealing with hyponitrous acid here), but then writes SI (sulphur iodine) instead of Si (silicon) in the formula for orthosilicic acid. This, combined with not using subscripts for many of the numbers, could lead to a great deal of confusion.

Whilst this lesson appears to be aimed at quite a high level, such elementary errors may affect comprehension.

5/10 - rather sloppy.

If the teacher is looking for a way to show how fun algebra can be by making words out of the symbols, she might instead try asking her students what the volume of a circular pizza of radius z and height a is.

2/10 A nice try in engaging students, but riddled with errors.

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