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Brigitte Bardot, badass biker babe
09:40 am
Brigitte Bardot, badass biker babe

Brigitte Bardot posing on a yellow Harley-Davidson chopper built by Maurice Combalbert.
It’s fairly well known that golden haired French film goddess Brigitte Bardot was a huge fan of the Solex (or “Velosolex”), a kind of moped/bicycle hybrid which the bombshell was widely photographed riding around in the 1970s. No stranger to knowing how to have a good time Bardot was also photographed tooling around while looking flawlessly beautiful on other kinds of motorized two-wheelers such as a Yamaha AT-1 for which Bardot did a series of 1971 print advertisements clad in hotpants and white gogo boots.

Some of the most iconic photos of the actress/model/singer and animal rights activist (Bardot dedicated herself to helping animals after retiring in 1973) and a motorcycle were taken along with a Harley-Davidson custom built by Parisian chopper pioneer Maurice Combalbert when Bardot performed her wacky love proclamation to the iconic motorcycle on her 1967 French television special Brigitte Bardot Show.

Here’s a nice selection of Brigitte Bardot looking cooler than any of us will ever look on various motorcycles, as well as a few where she’s making riding a regular bike look like the best time ever.



Bardot on another custom Harley-Davidson (perhaps WLA) built by Maurice Combalbert which Bardot used on her television special


Bardot in a print ad for a Yamaha AT-1, 1971.

Bardot and Sylvie Vartan.

The leader of the pack, Brigitte Bardot.

Bardot on a ‘Solex’ motorized bicycle.


Bardot in Saint Tropez on a bicycle on top of a table with a glass of champagne, 1974.


The cover for Bardot’s ‘Harley Davidson’ hit single written by Serge Gainsbourg

Brigitte Bardot performing ‘Harley Davidson’ on her 1967 French television special

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