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‘Chatterbox’: The singing vagina
05:11 pm

Back in the days when there were video stores, you’d find 1977’s Chatterbox in a faded box stuffed on a dusty shelf alongside Roller Boogie and Slammer Girls . Released by ubiquitous B-movie merchants Vestron Video, Chatterbox isn’t good or bad enough to be a cult hit or sexy enough to be a softcore pud tugger. One would think a movie about a singing vagina would have one or two money shots, but no, not even a closeup of a lip syncing labia. What it does have is Tarantino’s favorite sex kitten Candice Rialson (Candy Stripe Nurses, Hollywood Boulevard, Summer School Teachers) in the role of Penny and the erotically challenged Rip Taylor and Professor Irwin Corey.

Chatterbox isn’t a total bust as you will see in the following clip where Penny’s vagina (named Virginia and dressed in what appears to be one Liberace’s fur coats) belts out a show tune, “Cock-a-Doodle-Doo,” accompanied by a bunch of Studio 54 bartenders in molting bird costumes. It all comes to a mindboggling climax on a giant spinning donut.

Lift up your skirt and sing along if you like.

A DM reader brought to my attention that it’s Rip Taylor’s birthday today. Happy birthday Rip!

Posted by Marc Campbell
05:11 pm



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