Dangerous Finds: Newspaper seeks pot critic; OMG KILLER ROBOTS; Rand Paul, the ‘New Coke’ of the GOP
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Dangerous Finds: Newspaper seeks pot critic; OMG KILLER ROBOTS; Rand Paul, the ‘New Coke’ of the GOP

Portland’s Daily Newspaper The Oregonian Is Looking for a Reefer Critic: The job listing for the freelance position demands an “experienced cannabis consumer” with deep knowledge of the strains of marijuana available in the state. The role will also include writing about the state’s “robust cannabis culture and marketplace.” It’d be fun to make a Portland joke here, but the Denver Post has already had a pot editor for two years. (Time)

We Should Not Dismiss the Dangers of ‘Killer Robots’ So Quickly: “Sentient robots like Hollywood’s Terminator would be a very bad thing. Even stupid AI in killer robots that are non-sentient would be a very bad thing. We need a ban today to protect mankind from swarms of armed quadcopters, technology that is practically on the shelves of hardware stores today.” (The Conversation)

Rand Paul is the “New Coke” of the GOP: Why His Bold Vision for a Libertarian Future Is a Disaster Waiting to Happen: Most people don’t agree that high taxes and excessive regulations are affecting young people’s ability to land a job, and there is no reason to believe that lowering taxes will make that any better. Why anyone would be persuaded that their massive student loan debt can be fixed with a flat tax is confusing. (Salon)

Fat Mike of NOFX Offered a Guy with a Beard $100 to Leave NOFX Show, Called Him a “hipster”: So hey, guys with beards? I’m thinking the potential ROI on a NOFX ticket might look kind of tempting right now. (Brooklyn Vegan)

Republicans Back Donald Trump Over Megyn Kelly: Surprise, surprise, surprise… (HuffPo)

Chicago’s Stony Island Arts Bank to Honor House Music Legend Frankie Knuckles: As part of a wider celebration of African and American culture and history led by Chicago artist Theaster Gates, Stony Island Arts Bank will play host to a vinyl collection of Frankie’s works starting October 3. Details of the extent of the collection have not been specified. (Dancing Astronaut)

The Strangest Campaign Pledge: The utterly brilliant Harvard prof Lawrence Lessig has announced that he would run for president if he can raise a million bucks by Labor Day. His campaign platform is curiously narrow. He vows to pass a single law, the Citizen Equality Act, which would by various means guarantee equal access to voting across race, class and educational lines, ban gerrymandering outright, and provide for citizen-funded elections. Lessig further promises that, having passed that one law, he’d resign the presidency. But would such a law even work? (Slate)

There’s a Nationwide Shortage of Restaurant Cooks: Wasn’t there a glut several years ago, when Food Network turned chefs into rock stars? Here’s a thought: pay your employees well enough to pay off culinary school AND earn a good living, and then maybe people will apply for your jobs? (Washington Post)

Hillary Clinton in Trouble? What’s Behind Al Gore, Joe Biden Rumor Mill: Joe Biden is sounding out allies about a potential presidential bid that just a few months ago seemed unlikely at best. Some Democratic officials are shooting down reports that Al Gore, who last ran for elective office 15 years ago, might be generating some renewed interest inside the party. But these stories are really more about Clinton’s campaign and the difficulties she has faced in the unfolding story about her emails as Secretary of State. (NBC)

What the Hell is Going On with SoundCloud? This week has seen a spate of high-profile account takedowns and suspensions issued by SoundCloud. On August 12, London-based internet station Radar Radio had its SoundCloud account removed. The station was told it had seven days to deal with any copyright infringements on their page, but the account was closed without warning the next day. Bizarrely, the account was then reinstated without explanation, and as of today has been suspended again. (FACT)

Dutch Newspaper Uses N-Word in Headline of Review of Ta-Nehisi Coates’s New Book: Somewhere along the editorial process, the editors thought it would be a good idea to headline the article, “Ni**er, Are You Crazy?” Since this wasn’t a U.S. paper, I suppose there’s some values dissonance at work here, BUT STILL, SERIOUSLY? (Washington Post)

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