Dangerous Finds: Republican Bloodbath; ‘Deez Nuts’ surges in new GOP poll; Act Two of the Trump Epic
08:22 pm
Dangerous Finds: Republican Bloodbath; ‘Deez Nuts’ surges in new GOP poll; Act Two of the Trump Epic

The Republican Party Is Becoming a Bloodbath: Donald Trump is causing conservatives to turn on each other, and it’s not pretty. (New Republic)

CNN/ORC Poll: Donald Trump now competitive in general election: The poll finds Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton ahead of Trump by just 6 points, a dramatic tightening since July when he trailed her by 16 points. (CNN)

The shocking number of new moms who return to work two weeks after childbirth: In the United States, nearly a quarter of employed mothers return to work within two weeks of giving birth, according to a new report from In These Times, a nonprofit magazine, which analyzed data from the Department of Labor and collected stories from mothers who kept working through pain and grief. It’s not because they recover at a supernatural pace. Or because they value their jobs over their babies. They can’t afford not to! (Washington Post)

Walker’s healthcare plan is perfect, if you want almost no insurance at all: Thanks for nothing, Scott Walker! (Los Angeles Times)

The rise of the “self-proclaimed socialist”: Why reporters shouldn’t be so surprised that Bernie Sanders’ appeal is growing. Few Americans embrace socialism, but they don’t have the same hostility to the idea either—especially the young. (Salon)

Oppose the TPP trade deal; support Bernie Sanders: Passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership will complete the transfer of power in America from government to corporations. Everyone who votes for this democracy-killing bill will be complicit in this crime against U.S. citizens. (The Roanoke Times)

Donald Trump has transformed GOP politics – no matter what happens: The future of the businessman’s campaign notwithstanding, his run has reframed the debate on key issues as it limits fellow candidates’ exposure. (The Guardian)

Poll shows Donald Trump leading GOP candidates in North Carolina, followed closely by ‘Deez Nuts’: Because Republicans? (USA Today)

Birmingham, Alabama approves minimum wage increase to $10.10: This is a distinctly un-red state thing to do. What gives? (WIAT)

Act Two of the Trump Epic: We’ve gone far enough now with the Trump political phenomenon to know that it is no mere or momentary matter of name recognition which has placed him as the top contender for the Republican nomination, as bizarre an eventuality as that might appear. He leads all national polls and all polls in the key early primary and caucus states - and by significant margins. And now his positions are becoming the GOP’s positions. Donald Trump is defining the terms of the debate. (Talking Points Memo)

Below, “Franks Kaktus” the latest from Sweden’s amazing Dungen:

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