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Dog vibrator
03:35 am

10 minutes of a dog in a suit laughing maniacally. That’s it.

I play this loop late at night just moments before I make love.

I run the audio thru 16 inch kicker subwoofers and point them in the direction of my scrotal sack. When the the beasty dog starts cackling the vibrations convert my scrotum to a tweeter resonating at a supersonic level. My lover resonates and cums immediately while HORNY fur-bearing creatures in our neighborhood converge in a chorus of frenzied squealing recalling the mystical utterances of Lord Shiva and his slut Shakti spun through the cosmic vortex where God is trying desperately to pinch off a cosmic loaf. Life is a shitty deal. Dogs know this. Therefore they laugh.

If you are of the right mind this video will send you into realms of ecstasy rarely experienced by the comman man or woman. Consider this loop a prayer wheel of sorts. Make no judgment. Relax, breath. Let the waves of canine laughter flow over you. Within moments you too will enter the realm of the Laughing Dog, where anything is possible.

God is Dog spelled backwards and dogs don’t know how to spell. Om mani padme hum.

Posted by Marc Campbell
03:35 am



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