Drop down The Memory Hole with America’s Surrealist Home Videos
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Drop down The Memory Hole with America’s Surrealist Home Videos

Sweet Jesus, have you seen The Memory Hole yet, or their Vine account? It’s truly… something... Exactly what it is, I cannot put into mere words, but it’s something, that much is for certain. Something hideously funny. Grotesquely hilarious, even.  You’ve spent hours losing brain cells on Internet K-Hole haven’t you? This is a video version of that. Be prepared to get sucked in.

Although there has been some coyness about the actual people behind this project, it’s “rumored” to have been culled from over 300,000 VHS tapes housed in a basement storage space belonging to the producers of America’s Funniest Home Videos by the madcap geniuses of the Everything is Terrible collective.

These demented transmissions emanate from a flickery nightmarish twilight world that exists as the creepy crawly low res flipside to cute baby and pet videos. It’s very Gummo meets Un Chien Andalou meets like Andy Milligan meets Tim and Eric. The producers are aspiring to get either David Lynch or Werner Herzog to host the show as a computer generated character. The pilot they’re currently shopping around Hollywood is probably the hottest thing since Jackass started making the rounds on VHS in the late 90s. Everybody wanted to see that tape and the same thing seems to be happening for The Memory Hole‘s sizzle reel which already has quite a reputation.

The Memory Hole is a terrifyingly REAL glimpse into the dark heart of America in the later part of the 20th century… it’s also a gut-busting, hilariously “new” form of comedy. For 24 years, week in, week out, anybody with a camcorder was sending in tapes like these and they’ve just been sitting there, growing mold… until now.

The Memory Hole will fundamentally change you.”

The Memory Hole trot out a new video each week on their Facebook page.

“Dance of the Weird Uncles”:

“Weird Hat Man”:

“Wormhole Grandpa”

“Real Men Meow”

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